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Teachers Service Commission, TSC Letters; A complete list of letters that a teacher is likely to receive from TSC in the course of duty: Regret letter,Employment offer letter,Appointment letter,Interdiction letter,Tsc regret letter,reinstatement letter


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10 Teachers Service Commission TSC letters: Regret letter,Employment offer letter,Appointment letter,Interdiction letter,Tsc regret letter,reinstatement letter

The Teacher Service Commission is a body that is tasked with employment and dismissal of teachers. Despite the fact that technology has advanced greatly, tsc still rely on letters as main mode of communication.

In this article am going to list all letters that a teacher can receive from the employer and their implications;

1. TSC Regret Letter
When one receives this letter it means that thing are not okay. Its as sign of request being denied. A teacher who is waiting letter of employment offer may receive regret letter because of the following reasons;

When one did not satisfy the commission after signing up for tsc employment

When a complaint is registered pertaining the person who won during tsc employment exercise
If the tsc employment exercise was marred with irregularities and lack of fairness.

A teacher may also receive a regret letter when transfer from one station to another is not acknowledged by the commission.

4. TSC Transfer letter
The commission can give an okay to the transfer request for a teacher who has served in a station for a period of not less than five (5) years.

5. TSC Show cause letter
A show cause letter is given to a teacher who has a case to answer. Teachers are guided by set of rules and regulation as stipulated in their code of conduct.

Breaching contractual terms will result to a teacher explaining through a letter why a disciplinary action should not be taken against him or her.

6. TSC Promotion letter
Promotion is the dream of every worker. The good thing with promotion is that it comes will a monetary attachment.

A teacher can either be promoted automatically or through attending an interview. A graduate teacher can move from grade C2 to C3 after three (3) years of service. For one to move from grade C3 to C4, through interview exercise must be conducted and only successful teachers are promoted.

7. TSC Interdiction letter
This is one if the most feared letter from the employer. A teacher may receive an interdiction letter because of the following reasons;

Cases of immoral behaviour.
Neglect of duty.
Desertion of duty.
Mismanagement of public funds.
Conviction of criminal offence.
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An interdicted teacher can either be reinstated or be dismissed depending on the professional crime committed and evidence produced during hearing of case.

This therefore means that an interdicted teacher has a chance of being reinstated.

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8. TSC Reinstatement letter
It is a letter given to a teacher who was interdicted and later was not found guilty. The letter has the details of the new work station.

9. TSC Dismissal letter
This letter means worse for the teacher. Its a last communication one can receive from teacher service commission. One can be dismissed if found guilty of the professional crime committed.

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10. TSC Demotion letter
This is a letter that is given to a teacher who has been demoted from headship position.

A demoted ceases to enjoy responsibility allowance but his job group and basic salary remains the same. A teacher in administrative position can be demoted because of the following reasons:

Adverse reports: This can include embezzlement of funds meant for school activities, poor financial management, failure to maintain good learning environment, poor human resource management among others.
Poor performance: The main role of administrators is to implement curriculum and lay proper strategies that will lead to good performance.

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