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Teachers in the Moon after TSC Gives the Following Announcement, but is TSC up to the Task?


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Teachers in the Moon after TSC Gives the Following Announcement, but is TSC up to the Task?

Trained and registered teachers in Kenya can’t help express their joy outrightly following the latest update from their employer, the Teachers Service Commission, TSC.

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This is after TSC CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia announced the exit of 8000 teachers from service having attained the mandatory retirement age, 60.

The 8000 teachers will retire in December leaving glaring gaps that will have to be filled quickly.

According to Nancy Macharia, the Commission will fast track the process of replacing the 8000 teachers to ensure that things run smoothly within the education sector.

Consequently, the Commission has requested for funds to enable it conduct replacement Interviews for qualified teachers who will fill the gap within a month.

The Commission now wants the government to release Kshs 4 billion to facilitate the exercise.

Is TSC a Fair Employer

Much as this sounds like sweet music to the majority of unemployed teachers, there is a black spot in the process of recruiting teachers that has been the talk of the Town in the past few weeks.

When the Teachers Service Commission announced the recruitment of over 11000 teachers in September 2020, the recruitment guidelines we’re very clear.

Every qualified teacher was free to apply for the teaching slots. Interested applicants tendered their requests in anticipation for invitations to attend recruitment Interviews that were conducted in October 2020.

Most of the Interviewees who were already working as interns had raised their hope that they will bag the available slots after TSC awarded them a whooping 10 marks.

October 2020 TSC Interviews were full of Corruption

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However, there arose claims that dampened their spirits.

In some areas like Suba and Migori, the staffing officers made it clear that the available slots were a special preserve of sons and daughters of the soil.

Those who hail from the aforementioned regions were given special treatment aimed at ensuring that they got the jobs.

In other areas, Interviewees from foreign lands were alienated and never invited to attend the recruitment Interviews.

Complaints arose from various quarters bordering the manner in which the interviews we’re conducted.

There was no fairness as stipulated in the TSC Code of conduct.

Our question is very simple, has the Commission addressed those issues before announcing the 8000 slots?

TSC Interviews have been fair in the past but with the rising demand for TSC teaching jobs after many youth lost their jobs in other sectors due to the pandemic, corruption is likely to find its way in.

Teachers will not however buy this crap since it is only through education that we can change the society.

If we allow a few corrupt individuals to publicly discriminate against professionals who have toiled and worked their way up using the right means, then there will be no value in hard work.

Besides, it is only through education that the gap between the rich and the poor can be bridged.

If we create disparity in the education sector, then there will be no safe haven for the have-nots, who opt for courses such as Education that will give them a direct ticket out of the lower cadres into which they were born.

2020 TSC Recruitment Giudelines


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  1. Titus Wekesa says

    Am Titus Wekesa working under intern program,,my question is that since tsc has advertised another intern jobs and they are denying those who have been on intern to apply again and yet they have not absorbed in permanent and pensiable,,where will we go after the program

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