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I honestly do not know what is wrong with some of our teachers. Did you know that according to the Teachers Service Commission there are over 70 deregistered teachers owing to sexual misconduct and other gross offenses? Whenever I try to make out the motives behind their actions, I am at a loss. Is it the pea-nut pay syndrome or the pea-nut sized brain at work? Where do you even get the guts to approach a 12-year old to request for sexual favors or worse still sexually assault him or her? How do you even reconcile with the fact of the teacher’s pet in your class? The thought of it is in itself disgusting!

I am not saying that all the teachers who have been blacklisted due to canal knowledge are guilty. However, the question is, where did the principal get wind of your affair? And even if it is a witch-hunt, the vulture must have seen the last kicks of a dying horse before approaching. I do believe that there must have been a basis for all this mess or misunderstanding that you are in right now. No sane principal will just wake up one morning to declare that you are in the loop.

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Come on, you are better than you think.
However scorned and broken you may feel,
you are in a higher league.

Therefore, you need to check your behavior all the time. Remember that you are a teacher, not just any other Boda Boda guy. Consequently, you are a role model to your learners. So what kind of role model are you? It is not surprising that none of your learners want to fall in your step! Anything that you do should thus portray the image of a great teacher. Your behavior should not raise eyebrows at whatever cost.

To start with, a teacher is a person whose role is to aid learners acquire skills, knowledge, values and the right attitudes towards life. Your key role is to guide the learners, not mislead them.
Secondly, a teacher is a role model- a person whom the learners can admire and wish to be identified with. You thus need not put yourself in a contemptible position or put your job on the line.

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The following 10 key roles should help define your identity as a teacher:

1. Imparting knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values in learners
2. Maintaining high levels of discipline among students by enforcing school rules and regulations
3. Preparing, administering, and evaluating tests and assignments to assess your learners’ progress
4. Adapting various teaching methodologies/pedagogy to meet your learner’s needs
5. Maintaining accurate and complete records of learners within the institution
6. Guiding and counseling students on all academic, psychological or social issues that affect them
7. Planning for their lessons
8. Sharpening your professional skills and competencies by attending seminars and workshops
9. Collaborating with other education stakeholders to promote learning
10. Preparing reports on students and activities according to the demands of the school administration

The mega question is do the above roles fit your description?

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