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Teacher Enhancement Programmes in Kenya; The Surest Way To Get Employed Faster by the Teachers Service Commission in Kenya

How Can a Teacher Increase Chances of Being Employed By The Teachers Service Commission in Kenya (Regardless of the Length of Stay)


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Teacher Enhancement Programmes, The Surest Way to Get Employed Faster by the Teachers Service Commission, TSC in Kenya on Permanent and Pensionable Basis

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Did you know that you can get employed faster by the Teachers Service Commission regardless of your length of stay since graduation?
Do you want to be employed by the Teachers Service Commission immediately you clear from campus or have you tarmacked for  a relatively long period of time and now you would like to get employed by the Teachers Service Commission on Permanent and Pensionable Terms?
well, Newspro has got it all lined up for you. It is our hope that by the time you finish reading this article you would have garnered a few tricks on how to get employed easily by the TSC regardless of the length of stay.


 One of the surest ways of securing an employment at the Teachers Service Commission Kenya is by embracing Teacher Enhancement Programmes (TEP).

A teacher enhancement programme will give you an opportunity to pursue a deserted subject combination or marketable subject combinations that will give you a competitive edge during TSC interviews.

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When enhancing, a teacher who has got a basic diploma or degree in education arts or science is expected to undertake a minimum of 9 course units and two teaching methods’ units to qualify for TSC employment.

A teachet who for instance has a degree in education science Maths and Chemistry can enhance to increase his or her chances of getting employed by simply enrolling for enhancement in Biology and Physics for instance provided that s/he meets the minimum entry requirements that is a C+ plus and above in the two subjects in question.

There is even better news for teachers wishing to enhance in Home Science, Agriculture, Business Studies and Computer Studies.

It is not mandatory for such teachers to sit for Agriculture, Business Studies, Computer Studies and Home Science KNEC exams at KCSE level.

One can take a teacher enhancement programme in the afore mentioned subjects without necessarily having studied them up to form four level provided that they meet the following selection criteria:

Teachers wishing to enhance in Computer and Business Studies must have scored a C+ plus and above in Mathematics at KCSE level.

Those wishing to enhance in Agriculture and Home Science on the other hand must have attained at least a C+ plus in Biology at KCSE level.

Therefore, if you meet the above qualifications feel free to enroll for a teacher enhancement programme to increase your chances of getting employed on permanent and pensionable basis by the Teachers Service Commission in Kenya. 

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