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A stressed woman

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Stressed out? Well here are a few facts about stress that can help you out of your quagmire.
First, you need to know that the backstops with you. Startled? You need to know that you are your boss. What I mean is that you are in charge of your life. Thus you are the only one who can determine how your body is likely to react to any hardship or demand that it gets subjected to.

What is stress?
There is no single fixed definition for stress since it encompasses the human body. It can however be loosely defined as your body’s physiological reaction to any hardship, pressure, anxiety, change or strain that it may be exposed to.

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This distress emanates from lack of equilibrium or balance between the demands placed on your body and its ability to cope or bear. If you learn to let go of things that are out of your hand then you are likely to experience more smiles, less worry. After all, you were never in control.

You however need to be aware of the fact that a little stress is not that bad to your health.
This is because it propels you to widen your stride towards achieving your set goals. Besides, it prompts you to rise to the occasion and face the challenge head-on. Therefore, you need not sit in your comfort zone and be cozy like an overfed frog. You do need a trigger to set the ball rolling.

Stress thus becomes harmful when its level surpasses your body’s threshold. This is because it can overhaul every aspect of your life hence affecting your productivity.

Memory lapses- if you keep on forgetting important things such as completing assignments in time or paying your children’s school fees then you are on the verge of stress. Check your steps before it is too late.

Excessive weight gain or loss- gone is the time when there was a general misconception that only slender people have stress. Even elephant-sized people can still experience it.

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Pessimism- are you this person who will never see the positive side of someone or something? Your pessimism or negativity could be a clear indicator of stress.

Distraction-be cautious about your concentration levels. If 90 % of your crucial time is characterized by a lack of concentration then stress is not far-fetched.

Extreme anxiety – if you are ever on the lookout and worried about everything including non-issues, you might be setting the pace for distress.

Isolation- do you hate being around others or feel like their continued stay is likely to suffocate you? There you are candidate number one for stress.
Irritability- does an innocent comment from a friend spark embers in you? If this is the case then you have an overload. You need time to cool your heels.

Low libido- I know this is the time you would rather bury your head in your newspaper or watch television programs late into the night for fear of performing your conjugal duties. Worry no more since you only need to find the stressor(s) and things will fall back to their place.

Excessive drinking or smoking- now that you cannot handle pressure, you cannot help rushing to the tavern every time there is a challenge. This is a crystal clear sign that all not well.
To avert stress, you should live in the moment. You do realize that nothing is permanent, not even your life.

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