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Still wondering how preschool learners will maintain social distancing as Committee comes up with schools’ reopening plan


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Still wondering how preschool learners will maintain social distancing as Committee comes up with schools’ reopening plan

Anyone who understands the developmental stages of a human being from a psychological point of view will back me up if I rule out social distancing as a measure in curbing the spread of the Coronavirus when schools reopen.

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My point of departure is preschool learners.

We do fully understand that at that particular stage of development, toddlers can be wild, way out of control.

Preschool kids cannot simply restrain their hands, well unless you tie them up!

They will touch item A and before you even know it, their hands would have massaged items B and C.

Secondly, this is the best time for the children to enjoy their childhood games.

Do you remember holding hands, forming a big circle and playing “Cha Mama and Cha Baba?”

Can you imagine your child being robbed of that freedom?

Even as we think and rethink of the best way to reopen our learning institutions, pre school should be the focal point.

Believe it or not, the pandemic is likely to affect our children more than we can ever imagine.

Limited resources

Most preschoolers share play things such as dolls.

The most complicated part of it all is the regular flus and colds that children at that age suffer.

How can a teacher tell whether a child is suffering from a normal flu, cold or Coronavirus.

Covid 19 has also demonstrated possible evolutions. It keeps on changing. This will make it difficult to contain especially if the country is ill-prepared.

When can we safely reopen our schools?

This is a complicated question to answer right now.

However, it is written all over the wall, so why not take it?

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There is no safe time for reopening our schools.

The World Health Organization, WHO today erased any hope for a safer future.

In case you missed the news segment, the organization baptised the Coronavirus Pandemic an endemic disease.

This therefore means that the virus is here to stay. In fact, it was likened to the HIV virus that has overstayed its welcome.

If the Coronavirus persists, the government will be obliged to slowly start reopening the economy to protect our nation from a possible depression.

So get ready to swallow this bitter pill masquerading as Coronavirus.

Besides, a possible Coronavirus vaccine is likely to be availed after one year.

Media houses have taken I upon themselves to begin psychologically preparing Kenyans for the battle ahead.

Do you realize how often they have been using the term “new normal” recently?

Flouting Coronavirus preventive measures

What is even more worrying is the casual nature of Kenyans. They act as if wearing masks and following other directives such as social distancing will prolong President Uhuru Kenyatta’s reign for the next five years.

Could it be the pleading and desperate tone in CS Kagwe’s speeches that made Kenyans think that the government cannot do without them?

I cannot forget this pastor who deviated from the norm by encouraging sinners to up their game.

He told regular drinkers to carry on and never stop since he will be glad to bury them.

Ironically, the message attracted positive response. Most sinners turned away from their sins.

You see? This is what the government should do. It cannot keep on begging people to take care of themselves!

Remember that choices have got consequences so if you choose to disregard the directives, do not complain about late night burials!

You cannot have your cake and eat it. If you make your bed…

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