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St. Luke’s Yatta Secondary School KCSE Results Ranking, KNEC Code, School bus, Location & Directions, Fee Structure, Contacts, School Uniform, and P.E. Kits

Best boy's only public boarding secondary schools in Kitui County, Eastern Region: St. Luke’s Yatta Secondary School


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St. Luke’s Yatta Secondary School KCSE Results Ranking, KNEC Code, School bus, Location & Directions, Fee Structure, Contacts, School Uniform, and P.E. Kits

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Best boy’s only public boarding secondary schools in Kitui County, Eastern Region: St. Luke’s Yatta Secondary School

Being a boys’ only public boarding, St. Luke’s Yatta Secondary School is one of the best- performing schools located in Yatta Town,  Kitui County, within the Eastern Region of Kenya.

This article provides insightful and reliable information on the St. Luke’s Yatta secondary school’s KCSE results, KNEC Code, contacts, physical location, admissions, school fees, and uniform.

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St. Luke’s Yatta Secondary School’s KCSE Results

For reliable information on St. Luke’s Yatta’s  KCSE results, individual candidates can check their results by sending an SMS containing their full index number (11 digits)followed by the word KCSE after the CS Education’s official release to the KNEC SMS code 20076.

Note that the SMS can be sent using any certified network provider-Safaricom, Yu, Airtel among others.

Ensure that you do not space the SMS that is the index number and the word KCSE should be joined.

In case you are interested in obtaining the whole school’s KCSE results, you can download them via the official KNEC exams portal (follow this link to access the KNEC portal).

However, you must have the school’s login name and password to access the results.

Finally, you can physically visit the school since the majority of the institutions have their KCSE results displayed on the school’s noticeboard.


Once you get your KCSE results, it is prudent to confirm your details. Peruse them for any errors such as misspelled names which might cost you a great fortune in your career development.

In case you come across any error, notify your principal or KNEC as soon as possible for correction.

St. Luke’s Yatta Secondary School’s KCSE Grade Count Summary and ranking

St. Luke’s Yatta has been consistently competing favorably at the county, regional and national levels.

In 2019 for instance, it was ranked among the best top-performing schools in the county.

Below is a glimpse of Kitui County’s top schools in KCSE 2019 results

Kitui County’s KCSE 2019 school’s ranking

  • Kitui school- 8.5 (B plain)
  • Kisasi High School- 8.4 (B- minus)
  • Muthale School- 8.1 (B- minus)
  • Lwanga- 7.69 (B- minus)
  • Matinyani- 7.67 (B- minus)
  • Kimangao girls- 7.3267 (C+ plus)
  • Kyamboo Secondary School -7.3 (C+ plus)
  • Ikanga- 7.01 (C+ plus)
  • Angela’s- 6.99 (C+ plus)
  • Mbitini girls-6.97 (C+ plus)
  • Chuluni- 6.8 (C+ plus)
  • St Joseph junior seminary -6.5 (C+ plus)
  • Nuu boys-6.47 (C plain)
  • Maliku Girls- 6.3 (C plain)
  • Waita secondary- 6. 255 (C plain)
  • Mwingi boys-6.2 (C plain)
  • Kyuso boys-6.0 (C plain)
  • kutha secondary -5.8 (C plain)

This is how Kitui County’s schools performed in 2018

  1. Charles Lwanga- 8.098
  2. Muthale Girls- 7.913
  3. Kitui School. 7.63
  4. Mbitini girls 7.0276
  5. .St. Angela’s. 7.0259
  6. Matinyani boys. 6.93
  7. .Kimangao girls. 6.5
  8. .St. Benedict Ikutha 6.426
  9. Thitani girls………6.24.
  10. .Migwani boys……6.211
  11. St Joseph’s Seminary 6.12
  12. Maluku Girls 6.07
  13. Thomas Kalawa. 6.025
  14. Nuu Secondary. 6.0
  15. .Chuluni girls 5.93
  16. Augustines Mwingi 5.7705
  17. Thomas Katheka. 5.7701
  18. Peter’s Nzambani 5.710
  19. Monica Mulutu girls 5.1818
  20. Bridgit’s Syomunyu 4.98.
  21. .Aic sombe girls 4.96
  22. Paul’s Waita. 4.854.
  23. Ursular girls. 4.756.
  24. Peter’s Voo. 4.7464
  25. .Mutito boys 4.679
  26. Ikanga boys. 4.5967
  27. Nguutani boys. 4.596
  28. Mutito girls 4.567
  29. Lawson high school 4.39
  30. .Mwitika mixed 4.192
  31. Augustines Kauma 4.112
  32. .St. Philip’s mutini 4.0322
  33. Ikanga girls. 4.0
  34. .Yenzuva Sec 3.89
  35. Mary’s Miambani 3.757
  36. Mary’s Kyatune. 3.64
  37. Zombe mixed 3.16
  38. Kyamatu sec 2.05

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St. Luke’s Yatta Secondary School’s profile and contacts

School Name: St. Luke’s Yatta Secondary School

School type: boys’ only public boarding school

School KNEC code: 13344101

School-level: secondary

School phone contact:

School website:

School e-mail address

School postal address: Kitui, 461

School type: Extra County


St. Luke’s Yatta Secondary School‘s fee structure

Being an extra county secondary school, St. Luke’s Yatta’s school fee structure is predetermined by the Ministry of Education.

Therefore, to get a rough estimate of St. Luke’s Yatta’s school fees per year, you can download the circular provided by the Ministry of Education in Kenya via the Ministry of Education’s official portal.

St. Luke’s Yatta Secondary School uniform, PE kits, and School bus

Check out the school’s uniform including games kits by going through the photos provided below



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