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Shocker for TSC teachers as ministry demands for the following, read the full details below


Latest Education News: Shocker for TSC teachers as ministry demands for certificate of good conduct, read the full details below

All TSC teachers have been served with a rude shock following Professor Fatuma Chege’s (the newly elected Principal Secretary for basic education) remarks.

Professor Chege through a popular radio station stated that no teacher will be allowed to instruct learners under the new Competency-based curriculum, CBC without a certificate of good conduct.

Her remarks come barely a month after she made a similar statement in February when she was leading the taskforce on the transition from the colonial 8-4-4 to the talent-based 2-6-3-3 system.

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Having received the power conferred to her by President Uhuru Kenyatta, Professor Chege is expected to spearhead major curriculum reforms likely to have a great impact on the teaching sector.

This therefore means that all TSC employed teachers may be forced to renew their certificate of good conduct yearly.


The new face of TSC teachers under the Competency Based Curriculum System

Besides this, all teachers are expected to maintain the following records and documents annually:

TSC checklist of all Professional Documents to be prepared by Teachers in the New TPAD 2: Free Checklist Form Download

The new TSC Teachers appraisal system, TPAD 2.

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, requires teachers to be appraised under the Career Progression Guidelines, CPG. All teachers are required to comply with performance standards and shall in the course of duty maintain professional documents and records that facilitate curriculum delivery.

There is a checklist provided by TSC and it is advisable that you have a look at it. This checklist is intended to assist the teachers to maintain professional documents that can be assessed by supervisors for the purpose of teacher appraisal. The checklist ensures a teacher has prepared and maintained all the required Professional documents.


The following documents must be prepared, used, updated and maintained at all times by the teachers:

Current Personal Timetable/training schedule

Syllabi /course outline/ curriculum design.

Approved Schemes of work/work plans.

Updated Lesson plans/facilitators guide.

Updated Lesson notes/presentation notes.

Records of work/sessions/activities checked weekly.

Examination analysis by subject (national and internal)/ Assessment records/staff training indices records

Marked/checked learners work exercise books/training reports/back to office reports

Co-curricular/team building activity records.

Learners’/trainees conduct and behaviour records and guidance and counseling records.

Copies of subject/programmes/departmental meeting minutes.

Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development records.
Individualized Educational Programmes (IEP records)
Professional development activities

Lesson observation Records
Records of community and stakeholders involvement
Evidence of integration of ICT in teaching/learning

Preparation of teaching aids using locally available resource materials

These items are checked by the appraiser thrice in a term; on monthly basis. The Head of Institution shall sign then sign the checklist at the end of each term.


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