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Magoha’s Careless Diction-Terming Payment Of BOM Teachers A ‘Non-issue’ Angers Netizens

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In summary
The Ministry of education yesterday shut down and relocated 207 learners from an unsafe structure.

The 207 were pupils of St. Catherine’s Children Education centre Bombolulu located in Kibera.

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St. Catherine’s Children Education centre Bombolulu had not been duly registered or approved by the Ministry of Education.

They were moved to a nearby primary school, Ayany.

Professor Magoha has also directed his team to shut down all schools that have not been registered or approved by the ministry.

Professor George Magoha has cracked the whip on schools whose structures do not meet the set building standards.

This he did amid protests from the school owners who feel that the move will cripple their pockets.

The stern CS, however, does not give a hoot given that human life, which is at stake, is invaluable.

He further added that he is acting in the best interest of the Kenyan children.

The shutdown of the building which was being used as a school was mandatory given that its standards did not surpass the poor structure of Top Talents Academy which collapsed on Monday and claimed 8 lives of innocent pupils in Dagoretti.

The no-nonsense professor Magoha also issued a threat about more el-Ninos that shall follow.

He said this was the beginning of a revolution for the ministry will shut down all schools across the nation whose structures are poorly made.

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This move comes a few days after eight learners died while 69 were injured following a two-storey building that collapsed at Precious Top Talents School in Nairobi.

The CS calmed the nerves of the transferred pupils’ fears of congestion.
He assured them that Ayany Primary School had enough extra space to accommodate the 207 pupils.

Magoha also promised to support Ayany Primary School. He said the Kenyan government will provide basic learning materials to facilitate a smooth transition and learning.

Magoha also pledged to continue keeping Kenyan children safe. He reiterated that the safety of learners will not be traded for money or profit.

He said the burden of finding another school will not be transferred to the parents. He shall take full responsibility for the whole matter.

The CS further argued that even if some stakeholders such as parents and proprietors of the schools may neither be happy nor supportive of his step, he will not be compelled to risk lives further.

The affected proprietor of the shutdown institution is under a thorough investigation. A detailed report will be issued by Monday next week.

On the ominous school that collapsed on Monday, the CS is yet to decide the fate of the school. He says the ministry will give a directive on Monday as to whether the school will be re-opened or not.

KUPPET chair Omboko Milemba also insinuated that its neighbour, Lenana School owns a huge tract of land which it can share with Precious Top Talents Academy so that the pupils will have ample learning space.

He said this when he attended the memorial service of the fallen young heroes held at Precious Top Talents School yesterday.

John Kiarie the Dagoretti Member of Parliament also reassured parents that all funeral expenses will be taken care of by the government.

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