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October 2020 TSC Mass Recruitment merit lists and reviewed interview dates per county full download; download all TSC merit lists per county by clicking on the following links

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In summary:
The Teachers Service Commission in Kenya plans to digitize the files of all Kenyan teachers.

This will make storage and retrieval of teachers’ files easier.

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This digital process encompasses a bulk SMS system for supervision of learners by both teachers and parents.


The Teachers Service Commission has kicked off the process of digitizing teachers’ information to enhance the efficiency and security of their high profile data.

The TSC director in charge of quality assurance, Reuben Nthambuiri has confirmed this.

He said that the system will be put in place as from November this year.

Nthambuiri further lauded the new digital system saying it will ease the hectic and rigorous procedures that teachers and other stakeholders have had to bear trying to retrieve their files.

He further added that digitization was a fame Fatale, a necessary evil if the system must run without any hiccups.

Many a time, Kenyan teachers have been frustrated at the Teachers Service Commission headquarters following lost files.

The most interesting bit of it all is the miraculous resurfacing of the lost file after a teacher parts with two or three thousand shillings.

This declaration, therefore, is a big relieve especially for teachers because they will no longer fall prey to the numerous vultures who are masquerading as faithful “servants” at the TSC headquarters.

Nthambuiri broke the great news when he spoke at Bomet during the TSC open day.

The function brought together five counties.

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Speaking at the function, Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok requested the TSC to deploy more teachers to the county since Bomet was understaffed.

He also backed up the whole idea of digitization saying that this is the right time to go digital given that the government has already rolled out the new Competency-Based Curriculum, CBC.


In Summary
Parents of Precious Talents Academy school parents have demanded the release of their teacher.

They say that he should not bear the blunt for he is not the architect of the collapsed building, his line of duty was teaching.

They have also raised eyebrows regarding the transfer of their children to schools in Ngong’ Forest citing high insecurity levels.

They carried posters in support of their arrested teacher and camped outside the Kibera law court yesterday.

A section of parents adamantly camped outside the Kibera law court and demanded for the release of their teacher.

The teacher who is also the owner of the Precious Top Talents Academy, Mr Moses Wainaina was arrested after part of the school collapsed claiming eight lives. Scores of other pupils sustained injuries.

The aggrieved parents accused the government of using the accident to intimidate and harass the school proprietor.

They also faulted the CS for Education Professor George Magoha for forcefully transferring their children to schools which have been posting very poor results.

Parents hence queried the motives behind Professor Magoha’s directive.

Besides, they complained of the torture that their children will be subjected to for they will have to trek for a very long distance to their new school (s).

This long trek is likely to put their children at the risk of wild animals and sex predators.

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