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Newspro Daily Health Tips:

Health living: 8 tips to ensure that you live a healthy life as an Adolescent.


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Daily Health Tips: How to Maintain Good Health as an Adolescent

Adolescence is a key stage in the growth and development of any human being.

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Unfortunately, many Adolescents do not pay attention to their health.

This article therefore seeks to provide tips on how Adolescents can easily maintain good health.

Tips on how to maintain good health during adolescence

1. Always feed on foods rich in Vital vitamins A and C and minerals such as organ meat, flesh meat, eggs, dark green leafy vegetables, fish, legumes and pulses.

Organ meat- liver, kidney, heart or blood based food.

Flesh meat includes goat meat, pork, game meat, rabbits, chicken, turkey, Guinea fowl, mutton, beef, ducks, quail etc.

Fish-tilapia, omena, Nile perch

Dark green leafy vegetables include spinach, kales, managu, amaranthus (terere), black African night shade (managu), stinging nettle (thabai/ oilo), spider weed (saget or sagaa), pumpkin leaves (Susa), bean leaves or cow peas leaves (kunde).

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Legumes and pulses- bambara nuts (njugu mawe/ banda), peas, beans, cow peas, pigeon peas (mbaazi), dolicos beans (njahi), soya beans, lentio and green grams.

2. Eat a variety of foods regularly in order to get all the nutrients required by the body.

3. Eat at least three meals and two snacks a day to meet your daily energy needs and support your growth.

4. Reduce your daily intake of foods that are rich in cholesterol (junk) or foods that are considered unhealthy. Such foods include soda, juice, sugarly or salted foods that can led to lifestyle diseases.

5. Drink at least 2 litres (8 glasses) of water everyday to facilitate a smooth transportation of nutrients in your body and removal of waste products from your body.

6. Observe hygiene to keep away illnesses

7. Exercise regularly by engaging in physical activities that strengthen your muscles to maintain a healthy weight.

8. Measure your body weight regularly to maintain the right weight.

9. Avoid poor health habits such as drug and substance abuse.

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