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New KNEC Payment Rates For Contracted Teachers 2022/2023 Who Will Administer and mark KCSE and KCPE National Exams

New KNEC Payment Rates For Contracted Teachers 2022/2023 Who Will Administer and mark KCSE and KCPE National Exams

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New KNEC Payment Rates For Contracted Teachers 2022/2023 Who Will Administer and mark KCSE and KCPE National Exams


New KNEC Payment Rates For Contracted Teachers In Administration Of Upcoming Exams


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The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has already contracted 242,406 teachers to administer the 2021 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams.




The contracted professionals include Centre Managers (Principals and Head Teachers), Supervisors, Invigilators, examiners, and Security Personnel charged with manning the national exams.


According to KNEC, those who haven’t registered on the online platform have to register and download their assignment letters.


Speaking at an inter-ministerial address at the Kenya School of Government on Friday, February 18, TSC Boss, Dr. Nancy Macharia, the Commission has already made the teachers available for assignment by KNEC. “Careful Selection of 242,406 Teachers to Support 2021 Exam Process On behalf of the TSC (has been done by KNEC).”




“I wish to assure the country that all the teachers are fully prepared to play their part to ensure that everything comes together as planned in the entire period of the national examinations.




She added that only the best cream of teachers, those who do not have any known disciplinary issues, have been identified as part of the Commission’s determination to guarantee integrity in examination administration.




This year, the Commission has identified and vetted 242,406 teachers who will be presented to the Kenya National Examination Council to serve as invigilators, supervisors, center managers, and examiners during this process.” She adds.


The contracted professionals receive their payments a few days after the official release of the KCPE. However, KNEC says it will only make payment for those who officially register their details on the Cp2 platform.


There have been calls to increase the payment for manning the exams. A year ago, the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) protested and called for a review of the payments.




According to Payment details released by the Council, KCSE Knec Examiners are paid up to Kshs 80 to mark each script. At the end of the 14 or so days, Knec Examiners pocket up to Kshs 40, 000.

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Primary school heads who act as Centre Managers for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE, exams pocket a daily subsistence allowance of 500 shillings; for a total of 4 days (including rehearsal day).


Secondary school Principals, on the other hand, earn a daily allowance of 500 shillings for 18 days. The highest-paid Supervisor walks away with a sum total of 12,510 shillings while the highest-paid invigilator gets 9860 shillings


The examiner does not pay deputy headteachers and Principals despite being present at the school present during the examination period as assistant Centre Managers.


KNEC also does not include payment of teachers handling science subjects who prepare and administer practicals during the KCSE examinations. Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) data, however, shows a total of 2,056,719 were registered for the tests scheduled to start in two weeks’ time. Of 1,225,693 will sit KCPE and 831,026 KCSE.






KNEC said the number of candidates sitting the KCPE examinations has increased by 34,085 compared to last year. Additional 78,424 candidates have also been registered to sit the KCSE examinations, according to KNEC data.


According to the KNEC report, a total of 479 containers will be used to store examination materials.




How to access the list KNEC Contracted Professionals list




Log onto the KNEC contracted portal by using the official address; https://cp2.knec.ac.ke

Enter the User Name (Starting with KCSE Centre code) and password (Specific to each center and held by the center manager).

Next, input the approximate distance between the center/ school and the exam distribution center

Then log onto the center’s account.












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