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More school fees awaits parents next year if CS Magoha’s proposals are adopted


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More school fees awaits parents next year if CS Magoha’s proposals are adopted 

The latest raft of proposals by CS Magoha may see parents pay more in school fees when schools reopen in January next year.

The proposals seem to have passed on the Covid 19 burden to the parents.

” Life won’t be normal again. We will have to ensure we maintain social distancing at all costs maybe until we receive the vaccine. Parents, teachers and learners should be prepared for drastic changes,” said Professor Magoha yesterday.

The proposals are contained in a document dubbed  Guidelines on Health and Safety Protocols for Reopening of Basic Education Institutions.

Closure of schools

Key among them is the planned closure of some schools permanently so that the government can focus on day schooling as opposed to boarding.

The CS further argued that boarding school should only be considered for students who travel from far.

Consequently, parents should be prepared to transfer learners to neighbouring schools as a plan B.

The document also wants all schools to ensure learners have access to handwashing facilities, face masks, thermoguns, disinfectants and more toilets and bathrooms.

All classes and lecture halls must have running water.

In order to achieve social distancing which necessitated a prolonged closure of schools, the CS proposed to have makeshift classrooms in cases where teachers can teleconference to ease congestion.

All subordinate staff will be provided with personal protective gear. Those at the kitchen department will need clearance certificates before handling food.

Learners should also shun away from any form of sharing be it books, pens or personal items such as school attire.

Schools will also have to be subjected to mandatory inspection by MoH and education ministry officials.

The implementation of these proposals will cost billions. The CS has therefore implored upon parents to sacrifice for the sake of their children.

” Parents, schools and the government will have to dig deeper into their pockets. All the proposals will cost billions but we have to sacrifice for the sake of our children, ” said KUPPET secretary general Akello Misori in an interview.

The Kenya National Union of Teachers Secretary General Mr Wilson Session has however asked the fovergover to meet the cost of implementing the proposals in stead of overburdening parents whose resources are already overstretched.


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