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Link for KPSEA School Results

Link: KPSEA School Results

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Link: KPSEA School Results. KPSEA School Login

KPSEA Results Portal

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The link for Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) school results is https://t.co/PUZoL1edyr.

Click Here to download KPSEA Results for your School.

Experiencing login challenges? Kindly Contact your Area SCDE to Register your school for the KNEC Code which is the Username and you will also be provided with a Password after Registration


If Forgotten Password kindly Contact your Area SCDE For a New Password

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Courtesy – The Kenya National Examinations Council.

How to Get Grade 6 KPSEA exam results

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu on Monday, January 16, 2023, announced that schools should get ready for the official release of Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) exam results on Tuesday.
Speaking at the Kenya Institute for Curriculum Development on Monday, January 16, 2023, while announcing the Form One Placement results, Machogu said that schools can access KPSEA results from Tuesday, January 17, 2023.
However, unlike its predecessor- KCPE, the KPSEA exam results will not be adorned with the pomp and wild celebrations.
The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) will release the Grade 6 national exams (KPSEA Results) to both private and private primary schools from where candidates sat the tests.
Following the release of KPSEA results, parents or guardians will have to physically go to schools and ask for the KPSEA reports for their children which should be issued at no cost.
Education CS said that all learners who sat for KPSEA exams will transit to junior secondary.
During the release of KCPE exams at Mtihani House on December 21, 2023, KNEC CEO David Njeng’ere said that pupils would receive the results of the KPSEA exam on their school portal.
Njeng’ere also clarified that the results would not be used to place candidates in junior secondary schools but to monitor learners’ progress.
The KNEC Chief added that the examination body would release three reports on KPSEA: individual, school-specific and national level.
Njeng’ere also noted that Grade 6 learners can transfer to a different school to join Grade 7 after receiving the KPSEA results.
Grade 6 learners who proceed to junior secondary school will be domiciled in the existing primary school but will have different uniforms.
The Government will disburse funds for Junior Secondary School before January 30, 2022 to ensure smooth transition.
Since Junior Secondary School is a higher level of learning, government will part with Kshs. 16,000 per learner annually.
JSS will be offered at zero tuition fees.
Junior secondary school transition jitters
In spite of the government reassuring Kenyans over and over again that the train is good to go on matters of transition of grade six KPSEA candidates to junior secondary schools, parents and other key stakeholders including teachers are still at sea.
Teachers are wondering how grade 7 learners will be able to share laboratories with neighbouring secondary schools.
Remember, sub county schools being the majority are poorly equipped.
Most sub county secondary schools are bursting at the seams trying to accommodate learners from all walks if life in accordance with the 100% transition policy.
Besides, some teachers are worried about how the workload for Junior Secondary School will be distributed.
Others are still in limbo wondering which subjects they will handle given that secondary school teachers can only handle two subjects.

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