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Knec Directive to 2022 Examiners– Download Marking Letter Today before the April 2022 Deadline

Knec Outlines Obligations/ Responsibilities Of KCPE, KCSE 2022 Examiners

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Knec Directive to 2022 Examiners– Download Marking Letter Today

The Kenya National Examinations Council, knec, has released guidelines for downloading the 2022 examiners’ invitation letters.

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The Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE, and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, KCSE, examiners are now expected to log on to a new portal https://examinersapp.knec.ac.ke. to download the invitation letters.

The invitation letters contain information on reporting dates, rates, marking instructions and marking centres.

Here are the guidelines on how to download the invitation letters online:
1.0 The Kenya National Examinations Council shall invite the existing and qualified newly trained Examiners for the 2022 marking exercise online.

2.0 The site shall be accessible from March, 2022 by all KCPE and KCSE

3.0 Examiners concerned shall be required to do the following:

3.1 Access KNEC Contracted Professionals Website using the link: https://examinersapp.knec.ac.ke.

3.2 Those with cp2 accounts, login into the Examiners portal using their username
and password.

3.3 Those without cp2 accounts, click on reset password button to enter their mobile
numbers in format (2547*******) and submit to get their username and pass
word for logging into the system.

3.4 Upon successful login, complete their personal information and save. Using
the dashboard provided, access, download, print and read the invitation letters
and the Marking Instructions.

Further instructions on acceptance and rejection of marking offer are given in the invitation letter.

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KNEC Examiners Contacts
For further details contact any of the following:

4.1 Telephone numbers: 0720 741003, 0732 333530, 0775 471980, 0775 471997:

4.2 Email addresses: sefa@knec.ac.ke and fa@knec.ac.ke.

New Roles and Obligations for 2022 Knec Examiners

Knec Outlines Obligations/ Responsibilities Of KCPE, KCSE 2022 Examiners

Some of the 2021-2022 Knec registered candidates have already commenced their Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education exam, while their counterparts in primary school are set to commence Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education exam on March 7.

Once these exams have been concluded, the council contracts willing teachers to mark them. The process of hiring examiners is done online via KNEC portal.


The marking service to be provided by the examiner is as follows:

Actual marking of scripts, entry of scores on mark sheets, checking cross checking, adjudication and report writing.
Checking of marked answer scripts to ensure validity, reliability and accuracy of mark allocation.
Obligations/Responsibilities of an Examiner
The Examiner:-

must not disclose his/her identity as a marker or divulge any information acquired in the course of their work;
must desist from any activity which may slow or disrupt the marking exercise;
will be expected to adhere to the marking regulations as set out by the Council;
should be present in the marking room at all times while marking is in progress;
conceal his/her identity as an examiner so as to avoid lobbying or influence from any interested parties;
must maintaining confidentiality in the assigned tasks;
must meet set targets during the marking exercise;
Should refrain from holding any unauthorized meetings. Only the Chief Examiner is authorized to call for meetings during the marking exercise;
Must desist from sharing any information regarding the marking centres and the marking process with any media, on any media platform or on any social media.
Note: your future engagements in marking will depend on how well you observe the set standards, rules and regulations of marking KNEC examinations.

must complete mark printouts and claim forms accurately and honestly;
will not be allowed to do partial marking unless due to illness or unforeseeable circumstances that may rise;
should declare on the Declaration Form the centres whose answer scripts should not be allocated to him/her before the marking starts due to conflict of interest;
must ensure that his/her work is checked and validated by another examiner by exchanging marked answer scripts;
must not carry away the Council, question paper, marking scheme, and other marking materials either in their original form or photo copies;
shall air his/her grievances on welfare issues to the Senior Examiners and not directly to the Centre Organizer;
is expected to bring his/her own personal effects including towels, soap etc.;
should verify and sign against his/her details including their own bank account and Mobile numbers. The Council will NOT be held accountable for payments made to incorrect mobile and bank accounts provided by Examiners;
must ensure that before leaving the centre, he/she signs against their claims showing the actual number of answer scripts which he/she will have marked on the final document that will be sent to KNEC as it form the basis for payment.

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