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Knec Cp2 Portal now Open to KPSEA, KCSE and KCPE Contracted Professionals (Examination Supervisors, Invigilators, and Centre Managers). Check out the application Deadline 


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Knec Cp2 Portal now Open to KPSEA, KCSE and KCPE Contracted Professionals (Examination Supervisors, Invigilators, and Centre Managers). Check out the application Deadline 

This year will definitely usher in a different era as far as the administration of national Examinations is concerned. For the very first time, the Kenya National Examinations Council will contract more professionals- supervisors, centre managers and invigilators to man the 2022 KCSE, KCPE and KPSEA national tests. For the next 10 days, the official Knec CP2 portal will remain open until October 10, the official deadline for application for declared KPSEA, KCPE and KCSE 2022 jobs. Click Here to visit the Portal.

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This increase is pegged on the influx of the number of candidates this year after the council in collaboration with the ministry of education decided to roll out national tests dubbed KPSEA at grade six starting November 28.

This is good news to teachers who have been thirsting for Knec jobs in vain.

Although the council does not reward the supervisors, invigilators and centre managers handsomely, a flat rate of Kshs. 500 per day is something given that the KPSEA 2022 tests have got multiple choices hence likely to take a shorter time.

The contracted Professionals will therefore work for half a day for a flat rate not exceeding Kshs. 500.

Knec Sets new Requirements for 2022 Contracted Professionals- Centre Managers, Supervisors and Invigilators

Worth noting is the fact that the Council has rolled new requirements for teachers wishing to serve as KPSEA, KCSE and KCPE Examiners.

For starters, the teacher should not be on interdiction.

He or she must not be under investigation for any form of indiscipline.

He or she must be TSC registered for accountability purposes.

The above requirements are aimed at ensuring that the integrity of the national examinations is not compromised since if the national Examinations land in the hands of a few rogue individuals, the country may be plunged into a state of lawlessness. Kindly note that the administration of national examinations is a security issue. Therefore, in case you land this job, undertake your duties seriously lest you face criminal judges.

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How Knec will pay KPSEA 2022 Centre Managers, Supervisors and Invigilators

Just like the other contracted Professionals, Knec will pay KPSEA 2022 supervisors and invigilators using the details provided on their Knec CP2 portal during the application process.

The most important payment detail is the contracted KPSEA 2022 professional’s phone number. When applying, kindly ensure that you double check your phone never since KNEC will wire the money to your MPESA account once the KPSEA 2022 national examinations results are released.

The table below summarizes the payment rates for the 2022 knec Contracted Professionals:

Contracted Profesional Exam Region Pay Per Day Total Days engaged Total Pay
Centre Manager KCPE All Regions Sh500 4 Sh2,000
Centre Manager KCSE All Regions Sh500 18 Sh9,000
Invigilators KCPE All Regions Sh538 3 Sh1,615
Invigilators KCSE Nairobi & Mombasa Sh580 17 Sh9,860
Invigilators KCSE Other Regions Sh460 17 Sh7,820
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Supervisors KCPE All Regions Sh621 4 Sh2,485
Supervisors KCSE Nairobi & Mombasa Sh695 18 Sh12,510
Supervisors KCSE Other Regions Sh630 18 Sh11,340
Security Officers KCSE All Regions Sh420 16 Sh6,720
Drivers KCSE All Regions Sh405 16 Sh6,480


How to access the Knec 2022 Contracted Professionals list

To get the list of contracted professionals, assigned to your school, use the procedure below;

  • Log onto the KNEC contracted portal by using the official address; https://cp2.knec.ac.ke
  • Enter the User Name (Starting with KCSECentre code) and password (Specific to each centre and held by the centre manager).
  • Next, input the approximate distance between the centre/ school and exam distribution centre.
  • Then log onto the centre’s account.

How Knec 2022 Contracted Professionals can Download their Invitation Letters

To download the knec Professionals’ contracted letters, use the procedure below:

  1. Log onto the knec contracted professionals portal by using the link; http://cp2.knec.ac.ke/Professionals.
  2. Click on the ‘Dash Board’ tab and check under deployments. See the Centre where you have been assigned to execute your duties.
  3. The table below will be displayed;
    Exam Duty Station Position Actions
  4. Under the ‘Actions’ column, click on the ‘Download Appointment Letter’ link to get your letter.

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