• Prospective candidates are advised to visit the application portal, read the advertisement, OR go through the College brochure Admissions Portal for more information on the various courses offered and their specific entry requirements.
  • Interested and qualified candidates are then advised to READ the application guidelines (preservice/In-service) available on the application portal
  • Candidates are advised to follow the steps given in the application guideline carefully to the end to ensure success in the application process.
  • Take note that applications for the advertised courses are closed once they are full

Please Note

All applicants to KMTC are advised to ensure that their applications are correctly done to give them an opportunity to compete fairly for available training vacancies.

Other areas to note are as follows;

  1. KMTC has several courses at various levels with varying entry requirements, you are therefore required to read the advertisement or the College brochure Click Here carefully to ensure you apply correctly
  2. Determine the course you would like to study and be sure you qualify.
  3. Plan for your training at KMTC on time, funding, and social support.
  4. Be ready to take up your course, if successful, in any part of this country since our Campuses are spread all over the country.
  5. Follow APPLICATION GUIDELINES and ensure you have applied in time and correctly.
  6. Regularly check your email (the one used in the application process) for notifications from the College.

Instructions to applicants

  1. Kindly go through the advert to check the courses you are qualified for.
  2. If you had already applied before, you don’t have to register. You just log in using the email you created before. If you have forgotten, click on Forgot email/Forgot password. button
  3. You can only apply for the course you are qualified for
  4. Kindly use the user guide provided above to make your Application process easier
  5. Ensure that you have all the documents stated in the user guide
  6. Ensure that the scanned documents are less than 2 MB in size
  7. Refer to the advert for the correct academic calender and intake.