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2023-2024 KCSE Results Download Procedure- KEMIS

2023-2024 KCSE Results Download Procedure- KEMIS

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2023-2024 KCSE Results Download Procedure (KEMIS)

2023-2024 KCSE Results Download Procedure- KEMIS

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It is now crystal clear and within the public knowledge that the much-anticipated KCSE 2023 (January 2024) results are set to be released today. Over 903, 000 students will definitely get their KCSE scores that will enable them transition to higher levels of education- colleges, TVETS and universities.

Unfortunately, not all KCSE candidates are aware of the fact that the procedure for downloading the KCSE 2023-2024 results has been reviewed. According to the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Education Ezekiel Machogu, students will no longer access KCSE results via the KNEC portal as it was the case last year during the release of KCPE 2023 results. KCSE 2023-2024 results will only be accessed online through a single platform dubbed KEMIS, an acronym that stands for the Kenya Education Management Information System, KEMIS.

In this write-up, we present to you a step-by-step guide on how to access the KEMIS online system for KCSE 2023-2024 results download.

Minimum Requirements for Downloading KCSE 2023-2024 Results Online

  1. Phone, tablet, desktop or computer.
  2. KCSE candidate’s full name.
  3. KCSE candidate’s full index number.
  4. Stable internet connection, Wi-Fi or hotspot.


  1. From your browser for example mozilla, firefox or google chrome, type the initials KEMIS or Kenya Education Management Information System. On the home page, you will see the following information displayed:

    Kenya Education Management Information System (KEMIS)

    Unlock the power of education data with the Kenya Education Management Information System (KEMIS), the Ministry of Education’s revolutionary Single Source of Truth and One Stop Shop for all your educational needs.

  2. Below this information, you will spot two tabs, one for form one selection and placement and another for 2023 KCSE Results. The tab for 2023 KCSE Results is on the right.
    Check Secondary Placement Here          Check KCSE Result Here
  3. Click on the “Open” tab. You will be directed to Search Student 2023 KCSE Results.
  4. Enter the KCSE candidate’s Index Number then full name.
  5. Finally, click on the SEARCH button and wait for the results to load.

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KEMIS is a cutting-edge, web-based data management solution designed to streamline and centralize education data from institutions across the nation. Our platform processes these datasets to generate insightful reports and post indicators, ensuring that every learner counts.

Online Data Captures and Education Information Confluence: KEMIS provides a seamless online data capture experience, bringing together a wealth of education information in one central hub.
Shared Data Repository: A collaborative space for education institutions, agencies, and partners to access and contribute to a shared data repository.
Business Intelligence for Educational Insights: Leverage the power of business intelligence tools to generate comprehensive reports on both national and international educational trends.
Flexible Management Tool: KEMIS serves as a flexible management tool, allowing efficient tracking of learning resources and school infrastructure.
Cost-Finance Parameter Tracking: Our platform offers in-depth tracking of media for cost-finance parameters in education and training, ensuring transparency and efficiency.
Geo Mapping and Performance Analysis: Utilize our geo-mapping feature to locate and analyze education institutions, coupled with insightful performance indicators.

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