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KCSE Results 2023-2024; KNEC Issues Warning Amidst Controversy of KCSE Exam Results

KCSE Results 2023-2024; KNEC Issues Warning Amidst Controversy of KCSE Exam Results

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KCSE Results 2023-2024; KNEC Issues Warning Amidst Controversy of KCSE Exam Results

KCSE Results 2023-2024; KNEC Issues Warning Amidst Controversy of KCSE Exam Results

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The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) has issued a  stern warning to purveyors of fake news, cautioning them against spreading false information concerning the KCSE 2023, January  2024 results.



Amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding the recently released Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams, KNEC refuted claims suggesting that it had assessed a student who had passed away before taking the exams.



In response to reports circulated widely on social media, KNEC addressed allegations of grading the deceased student in biology and assigning an ‘X’ for other exams, indicating the student’s absence from those papers.




Kenya National Examination Council’s offices in Nairobi

The exam body categorically labeled the post as false, asserting that the mentioned results did not originate from its official portal.


“This boy reportedly died before KCSE exams began, but somehow he pulled a mama Rosa, resurrected, sat the biology paper, and scored a D-, maybe because he couldn’t revise in the grave because of darkness,” KNEC Stated.


Barely two months ago, the Kenya National Examinations Council released a conflicting report on the recently released KCPE 2023 results.


In a statement to the media Knec indicated that KCPE results were released on Wednesday yet it was 23rd November 2023.


“The Ministry of Education released the 2023 KCPE examination results for 1,406,557 on Wednesday, 23rd November 2023.” A statement from Knec read in part.



The Kenya National Examination Council confirmed to have received complaints from students which it corrected and updated the results accordingly.


“The KNEC Rules of 2015 Legal Notice 131 on the marking of examinations, release of results and certification, Rule 27, provides for candidates/schools to lodge appeals for review of the examination results to the Council in writing within thirty days from the date of release of the examination results.



“In this regard, KNEC received appeals from some affected schools on dissatisfaction on their results as received by candidates/schools through the SMS code 40054.


“It was brought to the attention of KNEC that results for some candidates had misalignment of the marks and grades in Kiswahili as they were at the Kenyan Sign Language.



“There were also cases where the grades in Science and Social Studies & Religious Education were truncated incorrectly and were missing the plus (+) and minus (-) signs as expected.


“The error affected only the SMS results due to configuration issues, as the results in the KNEC portal are accurate. KNEC notified the SMS service provider and the error in the text messages were resolved immediately.” Said Knec.


It continued to say: “KNEC also received queries from candidates with low marks in some of the subjects, mainly in English and Kiswahili. KNEC has reviewed all the appeals and found that there were one hundred and thirty-three (133) candidates affected.



“These cases have all been addressed and results for the affected candidates updated appropriately.”



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Knec notes that it has corrected results from the schools which had initiated the complaints on the KCPE results.


“KNEC has studied the KCPE examination results for a school that was widely circulated on social media forums indicating all the candidates in the school attained an identical marks of 75 in Science.


“KNEC has reviewed the results for the school and all the reports that were received from the examination centres and anonymous letters and has not found any indication that the school was involved in examination malpractices.


“Science is a multiple-choice question paper, thus making it possible for the candidates to get identical marks.



“Though this may be assumed to be an examination irregularity, it is not adequate evidence for KNEC to sanction the results for candidates without a supporting report that cheating happened during the administration of examination.”


“Candidates have been advised to visit their schools and collect the official provisional results slips and raise any query for review of their results, if any, within the stipulated 30 days period.”



Gabriel Oguda, a columnist at the standard media group has criticized the Exam bodies over its remarks.


Taking to his X platform formerly twitter, he wrote: “The Kenya National Exams Council has hurriedly released a statement covering their tracks for the incompetence they have shown the country since the KCPE 2023 results were released.




FIRST – The KCPE 2023 results were released on Thursday and not Wednesday as claimed here. If the people who released the results don’t even know when they did it, how are we supposed to trust the source of the results themselves?


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SECOND – The Exams body admits that the SMS Service Provider picked results from a source not related to the KNEC portal. This is a grave revelation that has the potential for a class action suit for parents who spent money on fake results.


THIRD – KNEC admits they awarded wrong results for students who complained, and they’ve since correctly updated the scores.


TRANSLATION: If you feel your child received results they didn’t deserve, please hurry while stocks last.


FOURTH – An entire KCPE class of 50 scoring 75% each in the Science Paper is not cheating according to KNEC. The new term for cheating is COINCIDENCE. You learn a new thing every day.


FIFTH, and most importantly. You wasted your time and money sending SMS to the short code number, when you could just have walked to your school and received the real results that KNEC recognizes.


Thanks for throwing easy money on fake results.


It was nice doing business with you, and see you again when the KCSE 2023 results are announced shortly.”




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