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KCSE Leakage 2023: This is why Nyambaria High School’s KCSE Candidates may miss KCSE 2023 Results

KCSE Leakage 2023: This is why Nyambaria High School's KCSE Candidates may miss KCSE 2023 Results Nyambaria Boys KCSE 2023

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KCSE Leakage 2023: This is why Nyambaria High School’s KCSE Candidates may miss KCSE 2023 Results

Nyambaria High School KCSE 2021-2022 Results and Form One Admission 2022- Nyambaria (Boys) High 2021 KCSE Results Analysis and Ranking by Knec in 2022; Current KCSE (2020) School Mean Score (8.76), Number of As, A- Minus, Grade Summary, Distribution & Rank-Position 45 Nationally

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KCSE Results 2023: Nyambaria Boys National School has been on the spotlight for the last few days for allegedly trying to cheat during the KCSE 2023 national tests currently being administered by the Kenya National Examinations Council.

This issue has ruffled feathers with a section of Kenyans criticizing the media for publicizing the delicate matter. The principal, who is also the center manager Mr. Onyari has been suspended from service pending investigations that may lead to his imprisonment, if found guilty.

The latest update reaching us at newspro.co.ke however indicates that there is more than meets the eye in as far as this case is concerned. Firstly, there arose allegations that Kapsabet Boys High School’s KCSE 2022 candidates were caught in the act while trying to cheat in an English paper three examination. This matter was handled silently. No media house dared to publish articles pertaining to the matter. Then why are we taken aback when we see KCSE candidates at Nyambaria High School red with fury?

Will KCSE 2023 Candidates at Nyambaria High School Get their KNEC Results?

I can testify to the fact that the KCSE 2023 candidates at Nyambaria Boys Knec center will definitely get their rightful scores.

Parents and stakeholders therefore need to cool their heels and wait for the official release of the KCSE 2023 results in December to confirm this. Remember that there is always an aspect of empathy and there is no way Knec can punish candidates unfairly and let the over 12 years of hard work and toil go down the drain.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education has launched investigations into the “gross misconduct” of Nyambaria Boys High School exhibited during the ongoing Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations.

This is after the students allegedly threatened Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) officials and invigilators deployed to the institution to monitor the exams.

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The incident comes barely days after the ministry suspended the school’s principal, Charles Onyari, as a centre manager over claims of exam malpractice.

Yesterday, a senior Education official told The Standard that the students had complained that the officials were too strict.

“It is true the students threatened KNEC officials deployed at the school. However, they did not assault them as some are alleging,” he said.

He told The Standard the students became unruly, forcing them to call for more police to be deployed to the school.

“They are not happy with the invigilators. They chased them away over claims that the invigilators were strict with them. We have no idea what they mean by strict,” said official

The official said that only the Cabinet Secretary and Principal Secretary can go on record about the developments in the school.

Nyambaria High School hit the headlines after it topped in the 2022 KCSE exams, toppling academic giants from Nyanza region. The school sent 448 students to university after they managed to attain grades C plus and above.

Leaders from the region condemned the students conduct and claimed that they were attempting to cheat in exams.

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