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2021-2022 KCSE Results; Key Statistics; Number of As, Schools that Produced Top 15 Candidates, Pass Rate, Counties with Overage and Underage Candidates


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2021/2022 KCSE Results; Key Statistics; Number of As, Schools that Produced Top 15 Candidates, Pass Rate, Counties with Overage and Underage Candidates


The 2021 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, KCSE examination results were released on Saturday, April 23, 2022, at Mtihani House by Professor George Magoha. These examination results are one of a kind since the results are usually released on weekdays. This is the last KCSE examination result that the CS has released as he primes himself for his exit in August 2022. Here are all the key Details Pertaining to the 2021 KCSE Results.

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  • Kapsabet Boys Tops As – All 461 Candidates Earn University Entry Grade
  • Kenya High School 2021 KCSE Results – Number of As = 64, A- = 130, B+ = 70, B = 36, B- = 18, C+ = 12, C = 1, C- = 1 Total = 332
  • Kapsabet Boys High School 2021 KCSE Results – Number of As = 104, A- = 191, B+ = 99, B = 54, B- = 12, C+ = 1 Total = 461
  • Mangu High School 2021 KCSE Results – Number of As = 110, A- = 156, B+ = 94, B = 77, B- = 36, C+ =19, C= 7, C- = 2 Total = 501
  • Loreto Girls High School Limuru – Number of As = 15, A- = 72, B+ = 82, B = 68, B- = 45, C+ = 23, C = 7 C- = 2, D+ = 1 Total = 315
  • Girl Who Scored 113 Marks in KCPE Gets Grade B
  • Student Who Topped 16-year-olds Category Did KCPE While in Class 7
  • Why Grade ‘A’ Students Miss Out on Their Dream Courses – KUCCPS Course Application Tips 2022 for 2021 KCSE Candidates


Top KCSE 2021 Candidates –
1. Jariel Ndeda Obura (A of 87.167) – Mangu High School
2. Mukuha Timothy – Alliance High School (87.139)
3. Job Ngara – Mangu High (87.116)
4. Chege David Kamau – St Joseph Boys Kitale (87.104)
5. Ramadhan Musa Tepo – Light Academy (87.103)
5. Mwendo Cecily Mutheu – Kenya High (87.103) (Top Girl/Female Student)
6. Ian Mwai – Kakamega High (87.086)
7. Pita Shekinah Wise – Kenya High (87.079)
8. Mshindi Daniel Ouma – Light Academy (87.076)
9. Brenda Cherotich – Kipsigis Girls (87.066)
10. Mugane Job Ngatia – Strathmore School (87.064)
11. Pretie Ariona Adanga – Kapsabet (87.059)
12. Adanga Mutethia – Mangu (87.057)
13. Abiyah Melanie Nelima – Kenya High (87.04)
13. Maina Millicent Wamuru – Kenya High (87.04)


  • 2021 KCSE 2022 Grades Distribution
    A = 1138 (349 Females and 789 Males)
    A- = 5973
    B+ = 13463
    B = 25045
    B- = 39683
    C+ = 59843
    C = 81345
    C- = 99406
    D+ = 116355
    D = 145916
    D- = 187264
    E = 46151



2021 KCSE Top Underage Candidates

  1. Brenda Cherotich – Kipsigis Girls’ High School – 87.66
    2. Brian Ndeto – Starehe Boys’ Centre and School – 86.7
    3. Muendo Jane Mutheu – St. Therese Mbooni Girls’ High School- 86.6
    4. Arnold Felix Oguda Oketch – Kabianga High School – 86.5
    5. Mutua Fabian Mutisya – Mang’u High School – 86.4
    6. Njuguna Mercy Wanjiku – Pangani Girls’ High School – 85.9
    7. Mutuku Gloria Wavinya – Alliance Girls’ High School – 85.8
    8. Njuguna Victor Mburu – Murang’a High School – 85.7
    9. Nthenya Dotty Sweetie – Kenya High School – 85.6
    10. Nalyanya Keith Lesley – Alliance High School – 85.5
    10. Gatheca Purity Ngina – Precious Blood School, Riruta – 85.5
    11. Kyalo Peter Mumo – St. Charles Lwanga – 84.9
    11. Sitati Shammah Wekesa – Nairobi School – 84.9
    12. Orangi Mitunda Divon – Friends School Kamusinga – 84.8
    13. Otieno Evans Omondi – Mbita High School – 84.7


The top special needs candidate was Reuben Osoro Branton of Kapsabet Boys – the mean score was 83.489 (A plain).


2021 KCSE Top 15 Special Needs Candidates

  1. Reuben Osoro Branton, Kapsabet Boys (83.489, A)
    2. Agot Saulo Olango, Maranda High (83.294, A)
    3. Otieno Omondi Stanley, Maseno School (80.414, A-)
    4. Mburugu Ian Mutethia, Mangu High School (79.326, A-)
    5. Precious Zawadi Machuka, Moi Girls High School Eldoret (79.326, A-)
    6. Gatluak Gai Deng, Chesamisi Boys High School (79.204, A-)
    7. Kimiru Peter Kamau, Nyandarua High School (78.289, A-)
    8. Momanyi Bonface, Nyambaria High School (78.284, A-)
    9. Okoth Stanley Otieno, St. Joseph’s Rapogi, (77.156, A-)
    10. John Mutugu Chege, S.A High School for the Blind (77.069, A-)
    11. Awoi Imoit Bethwel, Maranda High (76.184, A-)
    12. Siyad Salah Abdi, Bushra High School (76.11, A-)
    13. Frank Momanyi, Kanga High (75.163, B+)
    14. Mang’ang’a Collins Marwa, Tarang’any A Boys High (75.099, B+)
    15. Senteu Joshua Mokoi, Kiambu High School (74.946, B+)


  • 2021 KCSE Results 2022 – Best performing sub-county schools:
  1. Nyakeore Secondary School, Nyanza, (65.25)
    2. Kebulonik Secondary School, Rift Valley (57.96)
    3. Banisa Mixed Secondary School, North Eastern (51.39)
    4. Manyatta Mixed Secondary School, Eastern (50.67)
    5. Shibanga Mixed Secondary School, Western (50.52)
    6. Heni Secondary School, Central (46.07)
    7. Mary Happy Day School, Nairobi (41.40)
    8. AlFarsy Girls Secondary School, Coast (36.22)
  • 2021 KCSE Results 2022 – Best performing candidates in sub-county schools:


  1. Anthony Njuguna Muhoro, Kiamaina Secondary School, Rift Valley (84.634)
    2. Owino Eric, Akoko Secondary School, Nyanza (83.71)
    3. Karwitha Clinton Mutwiri, Angaine Mixed Day Secondary School, Eastern (81.449)
    4. Achesa Alukoti Dillan, Matunda S.A Secondary School, Western (81.237)
    5. Ndiangui Frank Wagura, St. James Kiaritha Secondary School, Central (79.439)
    6. Mulei Kelvin, Dandora Secondary School, Nairobi (79.213)
    7. M’Kirima Dennis Mwamburi, St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School, Coast (78.246)
    8. Ronald Kipkoech, Kiplabotwa Secondary School, North Eastern (74.943)
  • 8 Most Improved 2021 KCSE Students Nationally
  1. Mbilo Boniface Wambua – Njukini Mixed Secondary School – KCPE 241 marks, KCSE B (plain).
    2. Maina Humphrey Mwangi – Gathiruini Sec School – KCPE 211 marks, KCSE B (plain).
    3. Kituku Simon Mavii – ABC Bambusu Sec School – KCPE 221 marks, KCSE B (plain).
    4. Njoroge Kelvin Mwangi – Jehovah Jireh Sec School – KCPE 207 marks, KCSE B (plain).
    5. Cheptoo Sharon – Lelu Sec School – KCPE 267 marks, KCSE A- (minus).
    6. Shawiza Isaac from -Makuchi Sec School- KCPE 242 marks, KCSE B (plain).
    7. Okoth Cynthia Adhiambo – Sigoti Complex Girls Sec School – KCPE marks 165, KCSE B- (Minus).
    8. Najma Mohamed Hassan-Lanisa Mixed Sec School – KCPE marks 113, KCSE B (plain)


Some of the key statistics that the CS Education highlighted include the 2021 KCSE top 15 candidates, number of overage candidates, counties with overage and underage candidates, KCSE grade distribution that is the total number of As, A- Minus, B+ plus, B Plain, B- Minus, C+ Plus, C Plain, C- Minus, D+ Plus, D Plain, D- Minus, and E.

The CS noted that all 2021 KCSE candidates will definitely transit to tertiary-level institutions in line with the 100 percent transition policy.

Education experts noted with concern that there is a hemorrhage of students within the education system especially due to the covid-19 pandemic that has led to the increase in the number of school dropouts.

Below are some of the KCSE 2020 Key Statistics


In 2020 KCSE, 600, 059 candidates scored C+ plus, the pass mark for direct transition to universities and colleges under government sponsorship.

405 000 2020  candidates attained D+ Plus. 26, 046 candidates attained Es.

 Click on the link below to download the full analysis of the 2020 KCSE Statistics

2020 KCSE May 2021 Results- Key Statistics

Exams are marked in a few selected secondary schools and tertiary institutions based on the subjects.


Marking is currently taking place at Alliance High School, State House Girls, Sunshine High School, Starehe Girls, Limuru Girls, Thika High, Buruburu High School, and Alliance Girls.

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Murang’a TTC, Moi Forces Academy (Nairobi), Upper Hill High, Loreto Girls, St. Georges High, Lang’ata High, Kenya High, Moi Girls Isinya, and Lenana School are among those who have attended.

According to University Education and Research Principal Secretary Simon Nabukwesi, KCSE candidates will begin enrolling in institutions as early as June this year.


Entry into vocational institutions, according to Mr. Nabukwesi, would begin in September.


“As soon as the KCSE results are revealed, the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) would begin putting applicants in institutions.” There won’t be any squandering of time. When Mr. Nabukwesi monitored exam distribution in Nakuru, he stated, “Candidates would be chosen to join institutions in early June.”

Those enrolling in TVET institutes will do so in September, he added.

“Those who enroll in colleges and vocational institutes in September will do so,” he continued.

He also stated that the institutions will be able to accept all of the KCSE candidates in 2021.


Exam malpractice was recorded in numerous locations of the country during the administration of the written exam.

The CS, on the other hand, said that no exam papers were leaked and that the attempts to facilitate cheating were limited to certain examination officials photographing question papers after retrieving them from the containers.

He claimed that no examination papers had leaked due to police and Knec personnel’s strict security measures.


According to Magoha, all security officers manning the examinations are required to sit in positions where they have a “daily complete view of the examination materials.”


Several candidates, on the other hand, explained how they obtained the KCSE leaks before the examinations began.

The students, who asked to remain anonymous, told the media that they utilized social media to communicate with clients who had access to the papers.

They claimed that an hour or two before the exams, the leaked papers would be sent to their phones.

One candidate described how he scribbled the answers on a napkin and snuck them into the exam room.

“I got the exam paper two hours before the exam, jotted down the information on a napkin, and he brought it into the exam room successfully,” he told NTV.

The candidate went on to say that the authorities had a difficult time tracking down the perpetrators because much of the contact took place on social media.


“We received all Kiswahili, CRE, and Chemistry papers, as well as practicals.” We would frequently receive the papers an hour or two before the exam. So the leakage was present, and the administration should cease denying it,” he said.

The applicant confirmed that some of their supervisors were aware of the exam malpractice but did not take proper action when asked how the plans came into play.

Teachers, parents, and students are all concerned that their exams may be canceled as a result of this disclosure.

Last year, the results of 287 children who took the 2020 KCSE exam were canceled due to different exam malpractices.

According to Cs Magoha, there was substantial evidence that the 287 students engaged in exam malpractice.

“Out of the 287, 211 had prohibited materials in the examination room… “There were 45 mobile phones,” Magoha stated.




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