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KCPE Leakage 2021:  Truth about the KNEC KCPE Examinations Leakage this Year



KCPE Leakage 2021:  Truth about the KNEC KCPE Examinations Leakage this Year

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Tension has gripped KCPE candidates after tutors alleged that KNEC lifted this year’s Social Studies and English exams from two Revision books that had been widely circulated to Class 8 candidates prior to sitting the exams in March 2021.

The candidates, mostly those in private schools had already done the tests in February 2021 after purchasing the books published by Distinction Educational Publishers.

KUPPET and KNUT fault this year’s KCPE national exams after leakage allegations rose

“When a similar test is predicted and it appears in the KNEC exams, then it shows there was a leakage. The credibility and reliability of national exams is tarnished,” Sossion told the Nation on Thursday, March 25.

“Even though exams are set from learning material available, KNEC going on to publish the same tests indicates that we have a serious issue with our exam process,” Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) Secretary-General, Akelo Misori added.

Exam stakeholders thus raised various questions among them being whether KNEC tendered the publishers to set the exams as well as how the council will rectify the error as schools that had done the tests before now have an added advantage.

The publishers distanced themselves from the scandal, saying that all they do is release tests that are used to analyse the students’ preparedness.

“If KNEC used our content, then we don’t have any issue with them. Our books have been used for the past years,” the director at the company responded.

Education CS George Magoha was adamant that no leakage had occurred while addressing the press on Wednesday, March 24. Magoha had earlier on warned private schools, suppliers, police officers, teachers and students of exams cheating.

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“This ministry will not take cheating lightly, and this is why we are sending a warning to all those planning to confuse our children or parents that the full force of the law will be used against those found culpable,” said Magoha.

Education stakeholders said that they would keenly follow the developments to see whether Magoha would take action against KNEC. The council said that it would issue a statement on the matter.

Marking of the KCPE tests began on Thursday, March 25, with Magoha shifting focus to the KCSE exams which commence on Friday, March 26.


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