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Junior Secondary School, JSS Grade 7 Admission Letters 2022/2023, Secondary Placement Results


Junior Secondary School Grade 7 Admission Letters 2022/2023, Secondary Placement Results


KPSEA Junior Secondary School Selection 2022; How to check high school selected to join and download Admission Letter 2022/2023



KPSEA 2022 Grade Seven Selection 2022| How to check high school selected to join and download Admission Letter 2022/2023

KPSEA secondary school Selection 2022| How to check high school selected to join and download Admission Letter 2022/2023

Hello students, parents, and Guardians who waiting for Long Time for KPSEA grade 7 selection, and KCPE Form one selection.

The long wait is finally over since KPSEA grade 7 and KCPE Form one selection results were Released Today!

This Article will Guide you on How to check Grade 7 Junior Secondary Scho Placement Results and KCPE form one placement results and enable you to quickly Download Admission letter for the Academic year 2023/2024.

KPSEA 2022/2023 Junior Secondary School Placement Results

Placement or Selection of KPSEA candidates is a process which enables the government to place grade six learners to secondary schools based on their academic prowess. Secondary schools in Kenya are graded into four main cadres that is National level, Extra-county level, county level and sub-county level. The current education CS has on many occasions advised parents and guardians to apply for placement of their grade six KPSEA candidates to join day schools near their homes as opposed to KCSE top performing secondary schools since the new CBC curriculum is competency based and not examination oriented.

How KPSEA 2022 Candidates can Download their Grade 7 Placement Letters

After the placement process, what follows is the announcement of selection results, This is how KPSEA and KCPE Candidates  can download admission letters or calling letter for for 2023 secondary schools intake.

NOTE:To check high school selected to join  SMS  your index number to 22263 (the code works for safaricom, Airtel and Telkom). The sms charges ksh. 25.

How to Download Form One/Grade 7 Admission Letter

To download your form one joining admission letter follow the procedure below;

  •  Step 1: Go to Ministry of education website via link provided below

Upon receipt of a notification indicating which school a candidate has been admitted to, head to the Ministry of Education portal available on Form one selection

  • Step 2: Select School Level

After opening the portal you will find 3 links for the three categories of schools. Click on the appropriate one, e.g. Form One Selection System for Extra County Schools.

Categories of Secondary Schools selected
Categories of Secondary Schools
  • Step 3: Select School location and index number

In the next page you will need to select the County where the school is located, the Sub County and finally enter the candidate’s KCPE Index number.

How to Download 2018 Form One Admission Letter
How to Download 2019 Form One Admission Letter/calling letters online from education.go.ke/Photo
  • Step 4: Download Form one Admission or calling letter

NOTE 1: Kindly note that admission letters will be available once the selection process is finished. Therefore you can use the above procedure to check the school selected to join and even download the Admission Letter.

NOTE 2: If you are asked for a .go.ke email address and you are lost kindly contact you headmaster to provide you with one so that you can download your admission letter.

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