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Is Covid 19 a Poor Man’s Virus?


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Is Covid 19 a Poor Man’s Virus?

Is Covid 19 a Poor Man’s Virus?

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I watched in utter disbelief as Samuel Mwenda the man from Meru taking his late wife’s body home for burial describe his painful ordeal with the police.

I do not understand how this can happen in a so-called civilized nation. Why add insult to injury? Where is the human face in all these?

Don’t we have respect for the dead anymore? How does one turn away people who have traveled over a thousand miles, precisely 5kms to the funeral site?

I shed tears for him and this damn nation. He didn’t deserve that kind of harsh unreasonable treatment in his own country.

Here we are condemning and broadcasting the killings and general police brutality meted to the black population in the US while our very own down here are subjecting us to worse human rights violations!

Kenyans should first think of sanitizing and putting their house in order before thinking of even saying anything about what is happening in the US.


Kenya is a country for the rich! It has no place for the poor-the commoners.

We have seen high profile burial functions attended by more than the fifteen people the MOH has put as the maximum number of attendees.

I do not need to mention the names lest they come for my head! Haven’t you heard of individuals disappearing and never coming back? Does death know class?

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The pain of loss is the same or is it more painful with the rich that they have to be accorded ample time to mourn their departed loved ones that the Mwenda’s of this nation don’t deserve?


Is Covid 19 a Poor Man’s Virus?

Just over the weekend, we were all treated to a political meeting of the Western Kenya leaders who are apparently looking for the ever-elusive unity!

It did not escape our attention that the meeting flouted all these so-called guidelines put by the MOH. Most did not even have the masks leave alone to maintain social distancing. Were they fifteen in number?



Bishop Margret wanjiru in ICU
Bishop Margret Wanjiru

One of the richest bishops cum city politicians is said to have contracted the covid19 virus.

It is reported that she was rushed to a city hospital’s ICU unit for specialized treatment. She was healed in a span of about eight days and boom she was all bubbly enjoying sudden great health in the glare of cameras, giving her testimony. Bingo!

No sooner had she left the hospital than she headed straight to her city church to kiss the altar and thank God for her miraculous healing! Did you see the worshipers already in the church praying? Were they fifteen in number? Your guess is as good as mine. They were not.

If anything they were many but still they went on doing what they know best- praying and holding the heavens for their bishop! You see these Covid 19 guidelines and regulations are meant for a certain class of people. The moneyed can have their way. Anyway let me go on celebrating the Madaraka day. There is so much to celebrate as a Kenyan. Donge?

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