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How to Receive your 2023 KCPE Results Scores Outcomes per Subject, Result Slip and Certificate

How to Receive your 2022-2023 KCPE Results Scores Outcomes per Subject, Resul Slip and Certificate

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How to Receive your 2023 KCPE Results Scores Outcomes per Subject, Result Slip and Certificate 

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How to Receive your 2022-2023 KCPE Results Scores Outcomes per Subject, Resul Slip and Certificate

Did you just sit for your 2023 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, KCPE examinations and you are wondering how you can check your current KCPE scores? Chill out since in this write-up new shall elaborate how your KCPE results scores can be received through SMS, online and physically once the CS Education Officially declares the exercise open. Kindly note that of the three ways, the fastest way is the announcement of the results by the CS Education himself for the top 15 candidates for every category.

Therefore the first batch of KCPE candidates to receive results are the Top 15 overall candidates followed by the Top 15 special needs candidates, SNE. The top 15 KCPE candidates this year will therefore have an upper hand since they will be able to know their total mark even before servers for receiving KCPE results are opened.

The servers for the reception of KCPE results are free to decide information from two categories only, the Knec SMS Code-20076 and the Knec online results’ portal.

Knec SMS Code for Results

The Knec SMS Code 20076 is a uniquely designed set of digits that can be decoded and interpreted by Knec servers for the transmission of Candidate’ results once they are released.

How to use the Knec SMS Code to Get KCPE Results

If you decide to access your KCPE results this year using the Knec SMS Code, the numbers must be properly arranged and you must have at least Kshs 25 bob for every request to pay the service providers that encompass Safaricom, Airtel and Telecom.

Kindly note that the amount charged per SMS is standard and not subject to variation from one network service provider to the other as in the case of the normal calls and SMS rates.

To receive your results in good time, you should access your SMS tab in your phone immediately results are out and send your full index number without omitting any digit followed by KCPE (no spacing) to 20076.

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Do not delay the prompt SMS since the servers at times gets bloated given that they are serving over 1.2 million candidates plus other interested parties. 

The second way of getting your results is by visiting the online Knec Portal for results once it is activated.


KCPE Results per Subject 2023 

The CS Education normally gives an overview of the Candidates’ performance per subject by highlighting the most improved subject, Improved subjects and subjects that recorded a drop during KCPE examinations.

Candidates can therefore access their KCPE results performance per subject which is usually sent via the communication channels opted for.

The KCPE performance per subject offers a full breakdown of how candidates faired in all the subjects tested that encompass Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Science and Social Studies. The total mark per subject is 100 and this translates to a ceiling of 500 KCPE marks.

Failure to complete all the KCPE examibable subjects will lead to incomplete results that automatically lower the Candidate’s overall performance in KCPE Examinations.

Cheating in Examinations on the other hand attracts hefty penalties that will affect the Candidate’s life forever since it automatically leads to cancellation of KCPE results and the candidate being awarded grade Y.

This will force the candidate to retake the examination or suspend transition to high school level since KCPE is a ticket to form One Admission.

KCPE Result Slips and Certificates 2023

Knec will send KCPE result Slips and Certificates to the respective school, Examination centres from where the candidates took their e.xaminations.

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