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How To Fill TSC Entry, Exit (Casualty) Return Online Via TSC Website; A Simplified Guide

How to fill tsc casualty form online by newspro.co.ke

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How To Fill TSC Entry, Exit (Casualty) Return Online Via TSC Website; A Simplified Guide

How To Fill TSC Entry, Exit (Casualty) Return Online Via TSC Website; A Simplified Guide

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TSC Casualty Form for Teachers’ Entry/ Exit Forms/ Reports

The Entry/ Exit returns are required to be submitted online by Heads of Institutions and Sub County Directors to record when a teacher joins or leaves an institution.

The process of Teacher Posting must be complete in order for Entry/ Exit process to be initiated. These returns will then be received online by Human Resource Management (HRM) headquarters for processing.

The role of the Sub County Directors will be to submit entry/exit returns for institution administrators and teachers who have exceeded the stipulated 14 days for transfer and 30 days for recruitment.


To access the portal, go to the TSC website https://www.tsc.go.ke. Click on Teacher Posting & Entry/Exit under Online Services menu.

Log into the system by Keying in your TSC number in the text box provided and click next to proceed.

Enter your password and click Login button


To submit an Entry/Exit report, the head of institution must log into the system by providing username and password. Under the Entry/Exit menu select Submit Entry/Exit-Inst Head.



To receive the teachers click on Entry under the Actions menu

Select the reason for entry from the drop down arrow and then click on submit request as shown below


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To exit a teacher on transfer or temporary exit, click on Exit under Action button.

The window below appears select the date of exit from the calendar, confirm exit by selecting yes from the drop down and click on the save button.


Teachers on duty can leave the institution permanently on retirement or death among others.

To exit a teacher, click on Exit Teacher under the Actions menu.

Note that teachers on temporary exits are not removed from the list of teachers in the institution but flagged as on leave.

Once done, log out of the system On the far right, click on the drop down arrow, a list will appear click sign out.


Forgot Password On the login page, click on forgot password,

Key in your TSC number and click continue.

A verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS.

Enter the verification code and click on continue.

The sign up page will appear for you to update your profile and create a new password. Click next to proceed to the login page.

Changing Password

Click on My Profile
Click on Account
Provide New password and Confirm password. Click Save to effect changes

Enter Your Mail Address

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