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How to Confirm Form One Selection 2021 Results for the 2020 KCPE and Download the 2021 form one Admission Letter(s)

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How to Confirm Form One Selection 2021 Results for the 2020 KCPE and Download the 2021 form one Admission Letter(s)

It is first important to note that all KCPE 2020 candidates will get admission letters to join various secondary schools in Kenya come July 2021 which has been set as the official reporting date for new secondary School entrants.

2021 School fees: On matters school fees, the Ministry of Education receives capitation funds for its recurrent expenditure which encompasses free primary and secondary education, FSE funds. Therefore parents will not incur any tuition fee since the government would have chipped in handy.

Parents or guardians are only expected to meet other costs such as meals, school uniform etc.

2021 Form one joining instructions: All form one Admission letters have got a set of joining instructions issued by the Ministry of Education, MoE. The joining instructions encompass the official reporting dates, list of items to.be purchased excluding textbooks since they are provided by the Education Ministry among others.

2021 Form one Selection Exercise

The 2021 form one Selection will take place in May 2021. The exercise will involve all school principals posted in all secondary schools in Kenya.

Once the form one Selection process for the 2021 Admission for the KCPE 2020 candidates in secondary schools is complete, all candidates should expect their form one Admission Letters.

2021 form one Admission Letters: The 2021 form one Admission Letters will be dispatched by either the Education Ministry or the Secondary school where the candidate is expected to join to undertake their secondary education to the candidates’ former primary school.

Once the selection Results are out,candidates can therefore confirm which school they have been admitted to then access their form one Admission Letters either physically or online- for KCPE 2020 candidates who will be selected to join county, extra county and national schools.

Selection Criteria: All KCPE candidates will be admitted to secondary schools as per the 100 percent transition policy.

Education CS has committed to engage the necessary stakeholders to ensure credibility and integrity are upheld during the exercise.

The Selection is pegged on various parameters including merit-candidate’s KCPE performance, regional balance, nature of school one comes from, disability which are collectively summarised as affirmative action.

Principals will first select candidates to national schools followed by extra county secondary schools whose Admission Letters are posted online given that these schools admit candidates from all over Kenya.

The Selection exercise will then pour down to County schools and finally sub-county schools, the lowest cadre of schools in Kenya.

How to Check Form One Selection 2021 For 2020 KCPE Candidates

How to Check Form One Selection 2021 Using Phone SMS Short code 22263

The 2020 KCPE candidates can check the secondary schools they have been placed to through the SMS code 22263.

Procedure: From your phone SMS tab, send the candidate’s index number to 22263.

Kindly note that that this is charged SMS Service. The cost per SMS is Kshs 25 irrespective of the mobile service provider you are using ie Safaricom, Telkom, Airtel

How to Check the 2021 Form One Selection Results Online via Ministry of Education, MoE Website

Alternatively, Candidates can check their Selection details by accessing the online MoE website at www.education.go.ke

Procedure: From your browser, for instance Google or Google Chrome, access the Ministry of Education MoE Website by typing www.education.go.ke or click HERE to access it.

From the Drop-down menu provided, click on “Online Services” then ” Form One Selection” as shown below

You will be redirected to the 2021 form one selection page 

Choose the category of schools whose form one Selection Results you would like to check that is national, extra-county, county or Sub-county

Choose one category at a time then proceed to select the county and sub-county where the KCPE Candidate sat his or her national exams.

Enter the Candidate’s KCPE index Number and hit the “Submit” tab. Wait for the Results to load.

How to Download 2021 Form One Admission Letters

To download your Admission Letter:

Use the steps provided above to access the form one Selection Results first .

At the bottom of the results template, click on “Admission Letter”

Click on “Download or Print” tab.

Present the printed letter to your former headteacher for endorsement.

There you are! With full details on the 2021 form one Selection, how to check the 2021 form one Placement Results through SMS Code and Online via the Ministry of Education Portal and a simplified procedure on how to download and print the 2021 form one Admission Letters online

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