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2022 Form One Selection Faulted  as KCPE Candidates and Parents Challenge Placement Results

Magoha’s Careless Diction-Terming Payment Of BOM Teachers A ‘Non-issue’ Angers Netizens

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2022 Form One Selection Faulted  as KCPE Candidates and Parents Challenge Placement Results

2022 Form One Selection Faulted  as KCPE Candidates and Parents Challenge Placement Results

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In Summary 

2021 KCPE Candidates andtheir parents are dissatisfied with the manner in which the 2022 form one selection exercise was conducted.

Lobby groups including Kuppet are now pushing for massive change of  form one selection/placement that may greatly affect balancing and inclusion in secondary schools.

2022 Form One Placement Results Now A Nightmare for TSC and MoE

The 2022 form one selection Results that were released on Monday are threatening to wreck havoc both in TSC and the Ministry of Education.

This follows the latest move by parents and other lobby groups to manually change the 2022 form one Placement Results instead of using the conventional online procedure.

Speaking during the release of the form one Placement Results this year,  Education CS implored upon candidates and parents to accept the selection results but this message seems to have fallen on deaf ears as parents now push for massive transfer of their candidates.

According to lobby groups backing up the change of form one placement results 2022, some KCPE candidates were selected to join secondary schools in far flung areas including the infamous North Eastern Region. Besides this, the candidates were selected to join schools that they never selected.

Parents and candidates therefore feel that it is futile to take part in the selection of school choices.

Some feel that the Ministry of Education should place candidates randomly since preferred school choices do not seem to matter when it comes to the actual placement.

Now lobby groups are pushing for major changes in form one placement that may trigger a major shake up in the Education Ministry and TSC.

The change of form one placement is normally done online. If parents manage to change placement results manually, some schools might not achieve balancing or meet their capacities this year. Moreover, the Teachers Service Commission may have a rough time trying to balance the ratio between teachers and students in secondary schools.

The Commission has already lined up massive transfers of both classroom teachers and school administrators aimed at achieving staff balancing across the counties and regions.

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The latest details at our disposal indicate that transferred TSC teachers are also up in arms, demanding for promotions.

2022 most popularbsecondary schools are therefore likely to burst at the seams if the change of form one placement comes through.

Below is the full list of Top Most Popular Secondary Schools Selected by 2021 KCPE Candidates

According to data from the Ministry of Education, Nanyuki High School is the most popular secondary school among KCPE Candidates in the country.

Nanyuki High, which has got a capacity of 480, received the highest number of applicants, after attracting 156,003 applications for form one admission from KCPE candidates.


Kabianga High School, which has a capacity of 528 students, is the  second most popular after attracting 149,087 applications. Pangani Girls National School also drew 118,073 students against a capacity of 576, while Maseno School drew 110,811 students in spite of a limited capacity of 576.


Nakuru High School came in fifth place with 107,915 applicants and a 336 capacity, followed by Alliance Girls with 104,353 applicants and a 384 capacity, Kapsabet Boys with 99,725 applicants and a 384 capacity, and Butere Girls School with 98,410 applicants and a 528 capacity.


Mangu High School received 93,648 applications against a 432 capacity, while Moi Girls High School received 92,666 applications against a 336 capacity.


The number of applicants differed significantly from the number of available slots, indicating that the majority of students were unable to attend their preferred national schools.


While announcing the Form One selection results on Monday, Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha said that traffic can be avoided if students are given the appropriate guidance.


“This scenario can be avoided if candidates are offered relevant guidance during the selection process by teachers and parents,” he said.


“We will continue to work with the Ministry of Interior and National Government Coordination to facilitate the enrollment of every child in secondary school to actualize the 100 percent transition,” he added.


From the previous year’s class, 38,797 students were admitted to National Schools, while 214,960 were assigned to Extra-County schools.


Magoha stated that 2,045 students will attend special needs schools, with 218, 456 reporting to County Schools and 9,128 in refugee camps.





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