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Good News for Female Teachers as KEWOTA Wins Big on Maternity Allowances


TSC Maternity Leave: Good News for Female Teachers as KEWOTA Wins Big on Maternity Allowances

TSC Maternity Leave: Good News for Female Teachers as KEWOTA Wins Big on Maternity Allowances


The chaotic sentiments were the order of the day from both the Kenyan female and male teachers when the time the self-group, Kenya Women Teachers Association (KEWOTA), was formed, specifically to cater for the female teachers. The association came into being not more than two years ago, and the unique purposes of its formation were not clearly stated for the public to synthesis over the same. There were numerous opposition from all corners of the public institutions in Kenya, something that exposed the association at an angle of robbery and looting from the female teachers.

According to exclusive reports from a reliable source, the association explained its stand and came out clearly over the malicious allegations bestowed unto them when it vowed to protect the Kenyan female teachers, something that was not highlighted at the time of its formation. Taking this into consideration, the KEWOTA thing has gone ahead to make the voices of the female teachers to be heard, and even fight for their welfare that should bear a variety of goodies for the same.

Furthermore, it has been indicated that the association has aligned some issues that seemed intimidating to the female teacher, and needed some attention to be reviewed. First, the female teacher was not being treated with decorum by the school male administrators, citing lack of being reliable, ending up to be deprived some higher sensitive positions in office just because soon they will leave for maternity, and therefore many activities could come to a standstill. Such deamining practices were some of the reasons for KEWOTA formation.

Moreso, the association aforementioned has been on the forefront to wipe out illusions from the minds of the public that, being on maternity leave is like being off duty, and therefore her pension should be interfered with after retirement. On the other hand, KEWOTA has been against such mediocre thoughts, and has presented a report to the TSC to counter-act the statement above. They further argued that, being pregnant is not an offence, unless the TSC say female teachers should not give birth. Also, a child is a blessing from God, which, after delivery requires a gift, and the only gift is an maternity allowance of appreciation.

Hence, according to the association’s objectives, the teachers on maternity are entitled to a maternity allowance that to be included to the payslip of female teachers immediately after delivery, just the way other allowances like leave allowance, which is mandatorily included on the January payslips every year. However, it doesn’t mean that men should take the move an opportunity of making female teachers moneymaking machines through maternity allowances every year, in the name of more blessings from the almighty.


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