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Form one Selection Commences for KCPE Candidates


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Form one Selection 2022/2023 Commences for 2022 KCPE Candidates; Here are the List of Top 10 Most Selected/ Most Preferred Schools During Form One Selection



Latest Education News; The form one selection exercise for KCPE 2022 candidates kicked off on Thursday with KCPE candidates expected to strictly adhere to the newly rolled out guidelines governing the placement of all primary school leavers to secondary schools.


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New Guidelines for 2022/2023 Form One Selection

KCPE 2022 candidates enrolled in private primary schools are a happy lot after the Education Ministry released a circular containing new rules that will govern the selection of secondary schools this year.

According to a report by Nation, the top five candidates of either gender in every sub-county will be placed at the national schools of their choice.

According to the MoE circular, the KCPE 2022 Top 5 candidates per sub-county will automatically get placed and admitted to national secondary schools of their choice regardless of whether they are from private or public schools. The rest of the qualified candidates will fight it out for the limited national school slots on a pro-rata basis developed to ensure equity.

Under the new guidelines, former provincial schools now dubbed extra county schools will also admit students from across the country when the selection starts in January 2022.

In a circular to all education officials and principals, Education Principal Secretary said the guidelines are meant to ensure proportionate sharing of national secondary school slots between public and private primary schools.

The new system is aimed at achieving equity in school placement through quota and affirmative action. It will also harmonize the selection process throughout the country at the national, county, and sub-county levels.

Most Selected/ Most Preferred Secondary Schools in Kenya During Form One Selection

Nanyuki High Takes the lead in the Top 10 most preferred schools

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Below are the top 10 National Schools that are most selected by KCPE candidates.

 SCHOOL                                         Number

                                                        SELECTING             CAPACITY

1 NANYUKI HIGH SCHOOL      156,003                           480

2 KABIANGA HIGH SCHOOL 149,087                           528

3 PANGANI GIRLS                    118,073                              336

4 MASENO SCHOOL                110,811                              576

5 NAKURU HIGH SCHOOL   107,915                              336

6 ALLIANCE GIRLS’ HIGHSCHOOL 104,353                 384

7 KAPSABET BOYS                    99,725                                 384

8 BUTERE GIRLS HIGHSCHOOL 98,410                         528

9 MANGU HIGH SCHOOL          93,648                               432




In 2022, 38,797 KCPE candidates were selected to join national schools on May 3, 2022. This means that both the traditional and newly upgraded national schools in Kenya can only accommodate approximately 38, 800 form one learners.

Extra county schools which form the second tier/ category of schools on the other hand can accommodate a total of 214,960 learners based on the number of previous KCPE candidates who have been placed in extra county schools recently.

In the third category of schools, county schools a total of 258,456 form one learners can be hosted comfortably.

In the fourth category, sub-county secondary schools a total of 726,311 students will be enrolled while 2,045 will get placed in special needs schools.

In May 2022, more than 800 students from informal settlements were among those selected to join national and extra county schools.

The CS Education however raised a red flag after reporting that a good number of KCPE candidates did not receive proper guidance and direction when choosing schools.

“This resulted in some schools attracting far many applicants against their capacities.”

“This scenario can be avoided if candidates are offered relevant guidance during the selection process by teachers and parents,” he noted.

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