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FemiVoice:Top 10 Confirmed Myths about African Men

Top 10 Sexist Myths about African Men


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FemiVoice:Top 10 Confirmed Myths about Men

Women hold certain myths about their male counterparts.

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For instance, you are likely to hear women openly cajole a man who cried during a funeral service or another who used his head to move a bag of fertilizer or maize.

This article seeks to unearth the top confirmed myths that women have about Men.

1. Real men do not cry

This is a common phrase in our African society.

Women believe that men are emotionally strong and immune to pain. Therefore, it is a taboo to see a man shed tears especially before women.

African men are expected to swallow their pain and tears no matter how unbearable the situation is.

2.  A man provides

This is a common belief that many African ladies are prone to.

They believe that a man’s worth is measured in terms of how ‘loaded’ he is in terms of money.

Only a few women will brave the challenges that come along with dating men whose financial situations seem precarious.

In fact, many go for ready made men. It is no wonder we are experiencing a lot of divorce cases and separation since the young generation of women is madly in love with the older men’s laden pockets than their bald heads, toothless gums and protruding bellies long enough to rival a nine- months’ pregnancy.

3. Men are physically stronger than women

This is the most interesting of all.

You will find an African man breaking his back by carrying two or three 50 kilograms of fertilizer just to show how masculine he is.

The most embarrassing part comes in when he stumbles and falls before reaching his destination serving as an object of ridicule before the very women he is trying to impress.

Cool your heals man, not all men can rival Samson.

Doesn’t the Bible say that everyone is fearfully and wonderfully made?

You do not need approval from any woman to confirm your strength.

After all, if you have never lifted a dry skin of a lizard using a stick,  where will you get the strength to lift a 50 kilograms bag of fertilizer?

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4. Men think about sex more often than women

Another highly glorified belief about men borders on sex matters.

It is believed that men will spend most of their time thinking about sex more often than women.

Besides, they act at the spur of a moment when it comes to sexual matters.

They cannot evaluate the outcomes and implications of flirting with a 12 year old girl for instance so long she has blossomed.

Women on the other hand, are said to be more thoughtful and focused.

They can only think of going to bed with a man after being adequately prepared-psychologically.

5. Men do not hold grudges

Unlike women who are full of vendetta, men are believed to have a clean heart, full of forgiveness.

If you mess up a man, he is likely to truly forgive you and bury the hatchet.

A woman on the other hand will pretend to have forgiven you but her heart will be full of venom more dangerous than Coronavirus.

6. Men do not apologize

It is also believed that African men are egoistic and chauvinistic. This simply means that they are demigods.

Yes. Believe it or not, there is a level they cannot  reach. That is apologising to a woman

Even if you find him ”in the act” with your best friend, the best he can do is buy you gifts.

There is no way your man will humble himself and apologize before you.

7. Men “respect” water

It is believed that men do not like bathing.

They would rather spot bath or wear the strongest cologne in stead of “touching” cold water.

It is no wonder a Secondary school classroom full of Adolescent boys is nothing less than some rotting foliage stinking to the high heavens especially in January.

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