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FemiVoice: How To Make Independent Ladies Crave For You, the Female Perspective

6 Surest Ways To Winning a Woman's Heart

FemiVoice: How To Make Independent Ladies Crave For You, Women Perspective. Image Courtesy.

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FemiVoice:How To Make Women Who Claim to be Independent Crave for Your Attention, the female perspective

6 Surest Ways To Winning a Woman’s Heart

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Women especially those who claim to be Independent are bottomless pits of complexities. 

Therefore, figuring out what they need takes more than just courage and pompous otfits.

I would also like to greatly discourage the faking it until you make it approach since no real woman would like to have  a plastic man by her side.

In this article, Newspro shall take you through a few dating tips to enable you extend your protective wings to shield your woman without offending her.

How to make women crave for your attention

1. Believe in yourself. This is what we technically refer to as self confidence. If you would like to make your miss Independent believe in the man that you are, then you have to begin by building your self confidence.

To build your confidence, you must begin by working on your physical appearance.

Dress the part, look the part and act the part. Your dress code must be on point.

If you are this Bible thumbing guy who simply cannot hang around ladies, it is time you adapted a more liberal approach to dating.

Start by hanging around girls before moving to your target.


2. Work towards earning her trust.

Ladies are more likely to experience emotional break downs than men.

Therefore, you need to capitalize on this glaring weakness that they have.

Be the first one to stick out your neck for her whenever she needs a shoulder to lean on.

Be her venting vessel and a safe haven for her to pour out her heart.

If she picks up a phone and calls you when things simply stall, then you are on the right track!

3. Stay hands off to avoid smothering her

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No human being is fond of authority.

Even in our places of work, we naturally tend to rebel against any form of authority.

Consequently, your new catch is no exception especially given that she is Independent.

If you try to control her, you will get old in her heart pretty fast. For you to live a lasting impact, you need to respect her individuality, give her room to roam and soar like an eagle.

4. Send the right signals to avoid being kicked off to the ‘friend’s zone’

Nothing can shred your heart more than being unconsciously told that you are better off as a friend by the woman you love.

To avoid being taken for a friend, send the right signals but in moderation.

You can flirt with her sparingly though since you may not really know the right time to give the punchline.

Some little measure of flirting will therefore put you in the green.

5. Leave a lasting impact

Make the most out of the limited time you spend with her. Leave a lasting impression by leaving the conversation on a high note.

Besides, ensure that you never run out of interesting topics to discuss with her.

This will make her crave for you and want you more.

6. Play hard to get

Although some authors dismiss this last tip, it is actually effective.

If you avail yourself too much, you are likely to be labelled desperate.

Sometimes, go mute for a day or two.

Make her pick up her phone and call you to inquire about your whereabouts. After all who said that you must be the one to call her all the time?



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