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Did you know that much as formal education equips your child or students with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes; there exist other core life skills which your child is more likely to acquire from real-life experiences? This is what experts technically refer to as core life skills.

This term is used to define basic abilities which enable humans to effectively adjust to demands and challenges of life. They boost self-confidence, nurture critical thinking and promote independence.

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Life skills:
1. Propel you to make the most out of life through creative thinking.
2. Make you aware of your rights and obligations as a citizen.
3. Keep you in the loop on social, economic and political issues.
4. Make you aware of and considerate to others’ welfare.
5. Equip you with the ability to voice your views.
6. Promote independent thoughts.
7. Boost your level of confidence since they give one a sense of direction.
8. Enable you to resolve conflicts that may arise peacefully.
9. Help you handle criticism at work, school or home environments thus shielding your ego.
10. Make you strong enough to put up with an indifferent boss.

There are 10 essential life skills. These are:

This refers to the ability to think through a situation before arriving at sound judgement. This skill is crucial bearing in mind the numerous dilemmas that life presents. For instance, enables you not to indulge in alcohol no matter the pain you are going through at the expense of your job.

Problem- solving
This skill equips you with the ability to resolve conflicts amicably. It enables you to face the problem instead of avoiding it.

Creative thinking
It refers to devising new ways of doing something, for example, you can start your business idea instead of seeking employment.

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Critical thinking
This is the ability to analyze scenarios and decisions before determining whether they are beneficial or detrimental. This skill shields you from making rash decisions.

Effective communication
It refers to the ability to pass across information either orally, in writing or using body language to your audience. Therefore, even children who are dumb or deaf need this essential skill.

Social skills
It is the ability to get along with others. It also encourages cooperation which enhances teamwork, emotional intelligence, etiquette-socially acceptable behaviour, leadership and social networking.

Self- awareness
This is the ability to know who you are in terms of your skills, abilities, temperament and shortcomings. Self- awareness makes you stay out of trouble since you know the extent of your anger.

This is the ability to carry on in a way that expresses self -confidence, power or importance. Assertiveness commands respect from your peers and other people around you.

It refers to the capacity to understand what others are going through and trying to help them out.

The mental ability to forge forward after an illness, depression or misfortune is referred to as resilience.
Note that without these skills, you will find it extremely difficult to adjust and live in harmony with other members in the society no matter how intelligent you are.

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