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Court suspends implementation of Community Based Learning


Court suspends implementation of the Community Based Learning

Justice Makau temporarily suspended the implementation of cimma parent, James Aura, through his lawyer, filed a petition seeking to bar the CS from executing the program.
A conservatory order barring the community-based learning initiative was since issued, pending hearing and determination of the case.
At the same time, Aura filed a petition asking the government to re-open schools for third term on September 1, 2020.

Being a father of three, he said that he had lodged the complaints on behalf of his children and other voiceless children enrolled similarly in learning institutions across the country.

He argued that President Uhuru Kenyatta’s order closing institutions in his address to the Nation on March 15, 2020, did not have any legal or constitutional basis.
“I verily believe that as a country governed by the Principle of Rule of Law, the President of the Republic of Kenya cannot step outside the scope of the law and make an extra-legal decision, such as has happened, implicating the right to education,” reads the statement

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