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CBC Grade 6 KPSEA To Save KNEC Billions Of Shilling Electronic Marking Of All The Papers


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CBC Grade 6 KPSEA To Save KNEC Billions Of Shilling Electronic Marking Of All The Papers

KPSEA 2022 Knec Grade 6 Timetable Pdf Format FREE Download, Dates, Timings of Exams and Instructions to Candidates

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Details have emerged that the Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) will save the government billions of shillings in examination printing, administration, and management. This follows a departure from the outdated KCPE ( Kenya Certificate Of Primary Education) where KNEC contracted teachers to mark English Composition and Kiswahili Insha papers. It is confirmed that there are no such papers in the new CBC Evaluation system.

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has availed samples of the upcoming grade six national examinations which exhibit that Composition and Insha will not be tested/examined. Consequently, teachers will not be involved in marking the final national exams in primary school as has been the norm with the former KCPE.

This translates to KNEC cutting down the high cost of examination management when the Competency-Based Assessments fully roll out in the grade 6 national examination class.Β  This is because the incoming CBC’S KAPSEA national Examination will be purely in multiple-choice questions that will easily be marked using the new technology.


It is important to note that in last year’s KCPE Exams, the marking of multiple-choice questions was made easier when the Council-KNEC- acquired the Modern Optical Mark Recognition( OMR) which electronically scored the papers. This OMR machine marks the candidates’ work by capturing marked data from the candidates’ answer sheets using specialized scanning. These machines worked with a dedicated scanning device that shined a beam of light on the candidates’ work/paper. Then the contrasting reflection at predetermined positions on a page is used to detect marked areas as they reflect less light than the blank areas of the paper. A great departure from the previous year’s marking that took hours, these new machines marked the candidates’ scripts in bunches of 100 and 200 sheets thus taking the shortest time on record.

This Pioneer CBC Examination class that will sit for KAPSEA (Grade six) sat for their School-Based Assessments(SBA) in grades 3,4 and 5

The Following Is the Grade Six (KPSEA) Assessment Timetable

25.11.2022 Rehearsal Day
28.11.2022 MathematicsEnglish
29.11.2022 Integrated ScienceKiswahili
30.11.2022 Creative Arts and Social Studies

In these assessments, KNEC only provided online copies which schools downloaded and printed for their learners to have a feel of what the national examination will be like later in the year. It is also important to note that the teachers also helped in marking, scoring, recording, and feeding the final marks on online KNEC portals thus enabling the Exam council to evade direct costs that come with national examination administration.

Grade six learners will sit for their final test in primary school that will be known as KENYA PRIMARY SCHOOL EDUCATION ASSESSMENT (KPSEA) in November this year. This national exam will start on the 28th and run to 30th November 2022. The CS Education, Professor Magoha has assured all the stakeholders that the exam has already been printed and that it is just awaiting administration when the time comes!

KNEC Competency-Based Assessment Coordinator madam Ann Ngatia explained that Integrated and Creative Sciences will be an integration of various subjects and that the five will be part of the kpsea at the end of primary school.

” The exam will be a multiple-choice test covering the five papers. Integrated Science will see us combine Science and technology and will cover Home Science, Agriculture, and Physical Health while Creative Arts and Social Studies will combine Art and crafts, Music, Social Studies, and Religious Education( CRE, IRE, and HRE),”  Madam Ngatia observed. She also added that the primary school results would be determined by what has come commonly to be referred to as the School-Based Assessment (SBA), which is done every year in the upper primary classes.

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