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Can’t pay, won’t pay: Tenant loses roof over Kshs 2, 400 rent arrears

Nyalenda slums in Kisumu. Image Researchgate

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Landlady from Hell: Tenant loses roof over Kshs 2, 400 rent arrears

Caroline Achieng’ was served a “hot breakfast” on Sunday when she was woken up by a fundi removing her roof.

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Earlier efforts to prevent the predicament fell on deaf ears as Nyakano, the landlady was money hungry.

Kisumu’s Nyalenda Slums were on Sunday transformed into a money heist ground after Caroline Achieng was startled from her stupor by a fundi removing her house’s roof.

She said that her concerted efforts to have the grace period for her rent arrears extended proved futile since the landlady identified as Nyakano was ready to go out of her own way to ensure that she is evicted.

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The widow and mother of three were left homeless after the fundi removed the rooftop of their house.

Achieng’ who works with an organization that fights for the welfare of sex workers was rendered jobless after the curfew enforcement which forced her to stay home hence losing the packages that come with her job.

Paralegal officers such as Amina swaleh have tried pleading with landlords to discuss and adjust the terms of rent payment given the outbreak of covid 19 in vain.

When queried over indirect and forceful eviction, Nyakano refuted the claims saying that she was only doing some repairs on the roof after the recent heavy rains in the area.

She however admitted to issuing a vacate notice to Achieng’ earlier.


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