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Are Kenyan Men Running Capsule Wardrobes Without Their Knowledge?

Are Kenyan Men Running Capsule Wardrobes Without Their Knowledge?

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When I first came across the term capsule wardrobe, I thought it was a means for men to survive for three or more weeks on three attires. Won’t we all love that? To look good every day but with three attires regurgitated over and over? However, as it turned out, it is a means to wear the same styling (and sometimes the same colour and patterns) of clothes over and over.

Think of Mark Zuckerberg

Curating a capsule wardrobe doesn’t take a village – it is a journey that you take alone. Prominent people run these capsule wardrobes. Think of Mark Zuckerberg with his (grey) t-shirt, black or blue jeans and sneakers. You can almost accurately predict that the next time you see him, he will have the same attires. On official days, the guy is ever on a black or navy blue suit. Not once will you see him in red or purple looking like a flag of some religious group off the coast of Tanzania. Those are the basics of a capsule wardrobe – find what works for you and stick to it.

Kenyans Men and Capsule Wardrobes

Men in Kenya are running capsule wardrobes albeit some have never heard of the term. Street stylists are running possessive pants tucked in large boots, oversized t-shirts and sleeveless puffer jackets. You might have seen your teenage brother garb such a look every day. Kenyans in the corporate world are taking into pull necks, easy-fitting trousers and easy fitting blazers. While the latter would be considered office casual the world over, Kenyans call that official wear. Plus, the attire is versatile; you can hang out with friends after office hours with your pull neck on.

A Capsule Wardrobe Saves You Time

Men, the bulk of them, have no time for fashion. What with tight schedules, cold bottles of whiskey, family, and loans? To keep it simple, you can streamline your wardrobe. This means you run a minimalist wardrobe that communicates your personality and saves you time in the morning. Instead of rummaging through your wardrobe looking for an attire to wear to the office, you just pick the attire on top of the stack.
The culture of minimalism is sweeping across all corners of the world and men are setting sails with the winds in fashion.

How do You Create a Capsule Wardrobe?

The success of a capsule wardrobe is dependent on how comfortable you feel in the clothes you wear every day. One reason why some men hate capsule wardrobes is the fear that a capsule wardrobe will be limiting. However, when well-curated, a capsule wardrobe is not nearly as limiting as you think.
The first trick is to find attires that make you look good and you feel comfortable in them. Looking good and feeling comfortable in an attire are not synonymous. A suit looks good, but do you feel comfortable wearing it every day? Once you find what you feel comfortable in, consider the versatility of what you wear. A good capsule wardrobe should accommodate formal and informal events. Think of a good blazer, where can’t you wear it? Dowry functions? Clubs? Church?
Men are poor with colours. A man who wears anything more than the three neutral colours – black, grey and white – is bold. To be on the safe side, especially if your sense of style is on the floor, stick to neutral colours and less patterns.
Now, open your eyes and see how many men are running capsule wardrobes in your office. How many have used it successfully?

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