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5 COVID-19 patients Vanish after testing positive 

5 COVID-19 patients Vanish after testing positive. Image Courtesy

5 COVID-19 patients Vanish after testing positive 

Five coronavirus positive patients have gone into hiding after testing positive in Old Town, Mombasa.

The five vanished into oblivion together with their family members after receiving the results.

They were among the 65 people who were tested during the mass testing exercise in the county.


Covid 19 is not a curse

Frustrated Mombasa Governor Joho confirmed the disappearance of the five coronavirus positive patients saying the police are combing through every thicket and bush to ensure that they catch up with them to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

“Instead of these five who tested positive coming to our facilities to get help, they chose to run away. This is unheard of yet we have a Government and the County Government at their disposal to assist them,” added Joho.

Governor Joho also added that COVID-19 is not a curse or a shame. Neither is it a criminal offense. The unfortunate part of it all is that the disease spreads in a manner that cannot be seen or heard hence it becomes fatal when uncontrolled.


COVID-19 Threat to relatives

Allegations have emerged indicating that the five have sought refuge at a relative’s place. This is extremely dangerous since they are knowingly posing a threat to the unsuspecting family members.

Governor Joho has henceforth called upon Mombasa residents to take charge of their lives and protect themselves and seeking aid from facilities when they test positive.

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