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2022 KUCCPS Opens Portal For Second Revision And Application-How To Revise Within The Deadline( 7th To 11th June,2022


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2022 KUCCPS Opens Portal For Second Revision And Application-How To Revise Within The Deadline( 7th To 11th June 2022

2022 KUCCPS Opens Portal For Second Revision And Application-How To Revise Within The Deadline( 7th To 11th June, 2022

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Attention is here drawn to all 2021 and earlier years KCSE Candidates who had applied for various Degree, Diplomas, and Certificate programs in various institutions as provided for in the KUCCPS Portal, that the portal is now open for the Second Revision. This is from the 7th to the 11th of June, 2022

According to the placement body, the second revision will be open for all the applicants who, on competitive selection after the First Revision of Choices, have not secured any of their preferred choices for placement and subsequent admissions to Universities and colleges. Read more on the link below:

2022/2023 Guide On How To Apply/Revise For KUCCPS

How To Know If As An Applicant You Need To Revise Your Choices

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All the applicants whose index numbers are not on the list on the website have already provisionally secured one of their choices, hence are not required to reapply. the results of their applications will be given after the conclusion of the placement processing.

It is very crucial to note that, the placement application process is automated and the applications can be submitted online from any location through mobile phones, tablets, and computers connected to the internet. With any KCSE grade, you have an opportunity to pursue a course of your choice under government sponsorship.

KUCCPS Application Guidelines and procedure for the 2022/2023 Academic year.

Here is the simplified guide on how to apply for placement into a tertiary institution through the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS):

  1. Log in to the Student’s Portal through this url: https://students.kuccps.net.
  2. Enter your KCSE Index Number and KCSE Year. Use your Birth Certificate Number or KCPE Index Number as the Password.
  3. Complete your profile by filling in the following; your email, guardian/parent email, your phone, guardian/parent, postal address, postal code, and postal town. After confirming that the afieldseld has been correctly filled, click on submit.
  4. All programs have minimum subject requirements. You will only be able to apply for a course whose minimum requirements you meet, but the selection will be determined by the overall performance and the available capacity.
  5. You may view the available programs and their requirements by clicking the ProgrammesΒ tab in the portal. You can also search for courses by institution, using theΒ InstitutionsΒ tab.
  6. As you select the programs, you may move the ones that interest you into the Course Basket. This will enable you to work with a shorter list when preparing your final list of courses to apply for.
  7. Once you have settled on your preferred courses, you will only be required to enter the Programme Codes.
  8. To apply, use theΒ Application/RevisionΒ tab to enter the Programme Codes.
  9. After confirming that the Programme Codes entered are for the courses you would like to apply for, please submit and follow the application fee payment instructions.
  10. An application processing fee is charged as follows:
    • Students applying for the first time – Ksh 1,500
    • Students revising their choices submitted in school – Ksh1,000
  11. The placement processing fee should be paid after you have selected courses.
  12. You are advised to keep yourΒ M-Pesa transaction code safely. It will be required before you make any subsequent changes to your application.




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