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2022/2023 KCSE Examiners Reporting Dates, Time and Venues (New/Changed). KCSE Results 2022 to be  Released Starting April 22

2022 KNEC list of invited KCSE examiners

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2022/2023 KCSE Examiners Reporting Dates, Time and Venues (New/Changed). KCSE Results 2022 to be  Released Starting April 22


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The 2022 KCSE Knec examiners both seasoned and newly trained have today on Monday April 4, 2022 reported to their marking centres in preparation for a two-week long KCSE Marking exercise set to commence on Tuesday April 5, 2022.

Unlike the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) national examination which is marked by automated optical marker recognition, OMR machines save for Kiswahili Insha and English Composition, all KCSE scripts are marked manually by KNEC trained personel mainly high school teachers who are currently serving on TSC permanent and pensionable terms, TSC Internship contractual terms or on schools’ Boards of Management, BOM.


The examiners have already received a formal online invitation by the council and those interested in marking this year’s KCSE have already downloaded their KNEC invitation letters in preparation for the exercise.

The 2022 KNEC invitation marking letters are not ordinary letters. They are special pass ports for the teachers to the KNEC marking centres since the marking exercise is a matter of social security.

Any unauthorized party is therefore not welcome to join the examiners. Any attempt aimed at accessing the following knec marking centres (2022) will attract hefty penalties including being sentenced in a court of law.

April 2022 KCSE Examiners Requirements List Reporting Date, Time and Marking Centers per Paper

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The 2022 KCSE Examiners are expected to report to their respective KNEC marking centres 2022 starting April 4, 2022.

Kindly note that the marking venues for all 2021/2022 KCSE examnation papers have been changed to ensure security of the examination now that all KCSE scripts have to  be marked manually.

Besides, the reporting dates for 2022 KCSE examiners are different depewnding on the KCPE paper being marked.

English Paper three markers are expected to turn up at either Thogoto TTC or Alliance Boys at exactly 2:00 P.M. on Monday since the paper needs more time when it comes to harmonization of the marking scheme, coordintion, belt marking and cross checking.

2022 List of New KNEC Marking Centres Per Paper plus Reporting Dates and Time

Here are the newly shuffled 2022 KCSE marking centres per paper

Here are the marking centers for this year’s KCSE exams:


(KCSE 2021-2022)


(KCSE 2020-2021)

English paper 1 101/1    Moi Forces Academy Nairobi Mang’u High School 21/04/2021
English paper 2 101/2    Sunshine High School Maryhill Girls 26/04/2021
English paper 3 101/3    Thogoto TTC and Alliance Boys High State House Girls .
Kiswahili Paper 1 102/1    Alliance Girls High School Sunshine High .
Kiswahili Paper 2 102/2     Moi Forces Academy .
Kiswahili Paper 3 102/3     Alliance Girls High 19/04/2021
Maths Paper 1 121/1    Lang’ata High School Lenana School 21/04/2021
Maths Paper 2 121/2     . .
Biology Paper 1 231/1   . .
Biology Paper 2 231/2    Limuru Girls High St. Georges Girls .
Biology Paper 3 231/3    St. Georges High Buruburu Girls .
Physics Paper 1 232/1     Moi Isinya 26/04/2021
Physics Paper 2 232/2    Starehe Girls Centre Loreto Kiambu Girls High 26/04/2021
Physics Paper 3 232/3    Moi Girls Isinya Murang’a TTC 26/04/2021
Chemistry Paper 1 233/1     . 21/04/2021
Chemistry Paper 2 233/2    Starehe Girls Centre  . 21/04/2021
Chemistry Paper 3 233/3    Kenya High School . .
History Paper 1 311/1  Starehe Bors   cENTRE Ngara Girls High 21/04/2021
History Paper 2 311/2    Thika High School Starehe Boys .
Geography Paper 1 312/1    Murang’a TTC Mary Leakey Girls 26/04/2021
Geography Paper 2 312/2     Thika High School .
CRE Paper 1 313/1    Loreto Girls Limuru Limuru Girls .
CRE Paper 2 313/2    Buru Buru Girls High School Loreto Girls Limuru 26/04/2021
Agriculture Paper 1 443/1     . .
Agriculture Paper 2 443/2     Senior Chief Koinange Girls .
Computer Studies Paper 1 451/1     UpperHill High 28/04/2021
Computer Studies Paper 2 451/2     . .
Business Studies Paper 1 565/1     Machakos Girls 26/04/2021
Business Studies Paper 2 565/2     . .

2022 KNEC list of invited KCSE examiners



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