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2020 KNEC Examiners Training-KCSE, KCPE, PTE, ECDE, DTE; Minimum Requirements and How to Apply


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2020 KNEC Examiners Training -KCPE, KCSE, PTE, ECDE, DTE; Minimum Requirements and How to Apply



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The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) is a body whose mandate is to conduct training for teachers/tutors in order to sharpen their skills and equip them with the relevant knowledge aimed at preparing them to become examiners during national examinations.

Each year, the body oversees the administration of the following sets of national examinations that enable various categories of learners transit to higher levels of learning:

1. Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE)

2. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)

3. Primary Teacher Education (PTE)

4. Early Childhood Development Education – Proficiency (ECDE)

5. Diploma in Teacher Education (DTE) examinations.

This therefore means that council trains Examiners each and every year so that manning and marking of the aforementioned tests are conducted in line with the council’s set standards to ensure credibility.

KNEC Examiners’ Training Fee

Payment for KNEC Training, KNEC M-PESA Paybill Number for Trainers

Each applicant wishing to be trained as an examiner is required to pay mandatory training fee of KES. 10,500 through KNEC Mpesa pay bill Number: 819313 using own registered mobile phone number.

For the Account Number, the applicant shall indicate the applicable examination i.e. KCPE; KCSE; PTE; DTE; Business or Technical.

The MPESA Reference Number must be captured on the application form in the space provided.

Only qualified applicants will be trained and henceforth registered to mark the above examinations.

Successful trainees are later incorporated into KNEC Examiners’ database.

KNEC will thereafter engage such examiners during national examinations using the laid down criteria for recruitment of examiners based on the need.

It is however important to note that teachers who have already been trained as Examiners and are already in the KNEC database of examiners need not apply for the training.

General Qualifications to join Examiners training programme

The following are requirements for one to be trained as KNEC Examiner;

1. Be a practicing teacher in the relevant subject areas at the level of examination.

2. Must be registered by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

3. Have a minimum teaching experience of three (3) years.

4. Must NOT be on interdiction or any other form of disciplinary action from the employer.

5.;Must be recommended by his/her Head of institution

6. Must be 50 years of age and below.

Specific Qualifications for KCPE and KCSE KNEC Examiners

1. Have a minimum qualification of P1 for KCPE examination with a minimum of a C +(plus) at KCSE level in the subject they are applying to train.

2. Those applying to train for English Composition for SNE must have been trained in Special Needs Education.

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3. Applications are therefore invited from interested and qualified teachers/tutors as follows:


Have a minimum qualification of P1 for KCPE examination with a minimum of a C (plain) at KCSE level in the subject they are applying to train.

Primary school teachers to train as KCPE Examiners in the following papers:

English Composition 901/1
Kiswahili Insha 902/1
English Composition for SNE 903/1


Diploma in Education (and above) for KCSE marking.

Secondary school teachers to train as KCSE examiners in the following papers:

English 101/1,2 & 3
Kiswahili 102/1,2 & 3
Mathematics Alt. A 121/1
Biology 231/1,2 & 3
Physics 232/1 & 3
Chemistry 233/1,2 & 3
History and Government 311/1 & 2
Geography 312/1 & 2
Christian Religious Education 313/1 & 2
Islamic Religious Education 314/1 & 2
Home Science 441/2
Art & Design 442/1 & 2
Agriculture 443/1 & 2
Woodwork 444/1 & 2
Metalwork 445/1 & 2
Building Construction 446/1 & 2
Power Mechanics 447/1 & 2
Electricity 448/1 & 2
Drawing & Design 449/1 & 2
Aviation Technology 450/1 & 2
Computer Studies 451/1 & 2
French 501/1 & 2
German 502/1 & 2
Arabic 503/1 & 2
Kenya Sign Language 504/1 & 2
Music 511/ 2 & 3
Business Studies 565/1 & 2


Those applying for PTE should have a diploma in education and above.

Tutors in Primary Teachers Training Colleges to train as PTE Examiners in the following papers:

Education 1011
English 1012
Kiswahili 1013
Physical Education 1014
Mathematics 2011
Science 2012
Agriculture 2013
Home Science 2014
CRE 3011
Social Studies 3013
Art/Craft 3014
Music 3015


Those applying for DTE must have a degree in education and above

Those teaching in secondary schools and have masters in education can also apply to be trained as PTE and DTE examiners.

Tutors in Diploma teachers training colleges to train as DTE examiners in the following papers:

Education 9501
Physical Education 9502
English 9503
Kiswahili 9504
Arabic 9506
CRE 9510
Music 9515
Mathematics 9516
Physics 9517
Chemistry 9518
Biology 9519
Agriculture 9521


Have a minimum qualification of Diploma in the relevant area of specialization.

At least one (1) academic level above the qualification of the examination he/she applies to be trained. (Refer to the specification for each paper in tables 5.0 and 6.0 above)

Tutors in Early childhood teachers colleges to train as ECDE examiners in the following papers:

English Proficiency 8011/1
Arithmetic 8011/2
General Paper 8012

How to Apply

Applicants will be expected to access the online form using the link; http://cp.knec.ac.ke/training

They should then fill in their respective personal details and print.

They will further be required to fill in sections 2.0 and 4.0 manually, attach the testimonials listed in the application form and forward them to KNEC.

Only qualified Teachers/Tutors who have presented all the required documents will be shortlisted for the training exercise.

All Applications to be addressed to: Ag. Chief Executive Officer Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) P.O. Box 73598 -00200 NAIROBI

General Qualifications to join Examiners training programme, payment for KNEC Training, Specific Qualification for KCPE and KCSE Examiners


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