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(Confirmed) 2020 KCSE Results Out Today; Here is the List of Top 10 Schools on Our Watchlist this Year- KCSE 2020-2021 Results Release

Kcse 2020 top 10 schools nationally by newspro.co.ke

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(Confirmed) 2020 KCSE Results Out Today; Here is the List of Top 10 Schools on our Watchlist this Year- KCSE 2020-2021 Results Release 

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2020-2021 KCSE Results: List of top 10 schools and candidates


2020-2021 KCSE Results: List of top 10 schools and candidates

It is now officially confirmed that the anxiously longed for Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, KCSE Results for the year 2020 will be released today on Monday May 10, 2021.

This is according to the Education CS Professor George Magoha who last month announced that the official release date for the 2020-2021 KCSE Results is on Monday May 10 2021.

Besides this, a privy source close to the Council has confirmed that indeed all cameras are ready to roll at Mtihani House today.

Now all eyes are trained towards CS Magoha to officially release this year’s KCSE KNEC Results.

KCSE Results Release Today; Top Schools on Our Watchlist KCSE 2020-2021

As usual, giant schools will seek to dethrone each other  as they compete for the Top 10 KCSE 2020-2021 Best  Performing Schools.

Giant Schools to watch during the KCSE Results 2020-2022 include:

Kenya High School which emerged top in the 2019 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination results.

In the results released on in 2019 by Education CS Prof. George Magoha, Kenya High School broke the record after it produced 76 A plain grades .

Kenya High was followed by Kapsabet Boys High School and Alliance High School at third position.

The top student was Buluma Tony Wabuko from Kapsabet Boys High School who scored an A plain of 87.159 points.

Buluma was also among the top candidates when he sat his KCPE exam in 2015 having scored 433 marks at St. Thomas Aquinas, Nakuru.

During that year, the top KCPE candidate registered 449 marks.

Cancelled/Withheld KCSE Results

This year’s KCSE exams were marred with a lot of examination irregularities bordering on early exposure of examination papers.

50 teachers contracted by the Kenya National Examinations Council to man the 2020 KCSE national email have already been sent packing by the Teachers Service Commission after being adversely mentiobed in the aforementioned heinous crime.

There is fear among candidates that the KCSE Results for those who were involved in examination malpractices may have their results nullified.

During the release of the KCPE 2020-2021 Knec Results however, President Uhuru Kenyatta directed Knec not to cancel results for candidates involved in exam irregularities.

During the 2019 KCSE exams, results for 1,309 candidates were canceled due to exam irregularities, although there was no case of exam leakage reported.

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There was marked improvement in the year’s overall performance compared to the last three years.


“As proof that our reforms are coming of age, today I will be releasing results that show marked improvement in performance compared to those of the last three years. This is indeed a confirmation that our teachers are now preparing candidates better and that the learners themselves can now engage in studies knowing well that their performance depends on individual input,” said Prof. Magoha during the official release of the 2019 KCSE Results.

Here is the list of KCSE Top 10 schools on Our Watchlist this Year and the number of A plain they recorded in the 2019 KCSE Results

1. Kenya High School 76
2. Kapsabet Boys High School 49
3. Alliance High School 48
4. Moi Kabarak 30
5. Alliance Girls  27
6. Mary Hill girls  25
7. Maseno School  23
8. Nairobi School 23
9. Mangu High School 23
10. Moi Girls School Eldoret  21

Here is the list of top 10 candidates in 2019, their mean scores and respective Schools:

1. Buluma Tony Wabuko Kapsabet Boys (87.159)

2.Barasa Maryanne Njeri

Kenya High School (87.087)

3. Aboge David Odhiambo Kapsabet Boys (87.080)

4. Anthony Owuor Ochieng Maseno School (87.000)

5. Mathuri Natasha Wawira

KenyaHigh School (86.961)

6. Kizito Ezra Sikuta

Moi High School Kabarak (86.960)

7. Long’ali Chepengat 

Alliance High School (86.924)

8. Ndathi Hellen Njoki 

Kenya High School (86.914)

9. Siele Chelang’at Aileen 

Moi Forces Academy Lanet (86.900)

10 Laura Chelang’at Ruto 

St. Brigid’s Girls Kiminini (86.533)

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