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2021/2022 KCSE results for Kaplong Boys

Kaplong Boys High School KCSE Results – Performance Analysis and Ranking by Knec

Kaplong Boys High School KCSE  2021/2022 Results - Performance Analysis and Ranking by Knec  in 2021/2022; School Mean Score-7.055, Number of As, Grade Summary, and Distribution & Transition Rate to Universities and Colleges in 2022 Kaplong Boys OFFICIAL KCSE Results 2021/2022 for Kaplong Boys High School The school's current mean score stands at 7.055(KCSE 2021-April 2022 Results) a slight drop, negative deviation from 7.78 (KCSE 2020 -May 2021 Results.) The school made it to the Top 200 KCSE 2020 after clinching…