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TSC Addresses Lydia Ireri’s Plight Following Social Media Protests


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TSC Addresses Lydia Ireri’s Plight Following Social Media Protests

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC has responded to a unique case of a teacher who was recruited but has not received her posting letter.

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The teacher who has been identified as Lydia Ireri on Monday had set camp outside the TSC headquarters, after allegedly being denied entry.

Left without any option, Madam Lydia resorted to social media platforms to get to the Commission.

The world being a global village, Lydia Ireri’s story got to many Kenyans who bashed the Teachers Service Commission for being callous to the plight of young unemployed teachers like Ms Ireri.

The photos of Ms Lydia and her barely two year old baby sitting outside TSC offices painted a grim picture of the challenges that many Kenyans go through while trying to access essential services from the government.

TSC Responds to Ms Ireri’s Matter

The Commission finally addressed Ms. Ireri’s matter through its head of communications officer Ms. Beatrice Wababu.

According to the Commission, Ms. Ireri is among a group of teachers who got employed late last year but were yet to receive their posting letters to enable them report to their new stations of work.

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The disruption caused by the pandemic has made it difficult for the Commission to continue with the process since once a teacher receives their posting letters, they have to physically report to their stations of work.

This is impossible right now. The teachers have to wait until schools are reopened in January so that they can physically report to their new work stations.

The Commission has however expressed regrets about how Ms Ireri was mishandled at the headquarters.

Ms. Wababu said it was rather unfortunate that she and her baby had to traverse many counties to access the offices in vain.

TSC said it has been addressing related cases through it’s formal channels. Hence, Ms Ireri or other teachers with similar issues need not travel all the way to the headquarters.

New Guidelines

This comes barely two months after the Commission issued new Guidelines for teachers wishing to visit the headquarters for any services.

Some of the guidelines include washing hands outside the gate, registration upon entry or exit, wearing masks regularly and having their temperature checked.



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