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The Kenya University and Colleges Central Placement Service, KUCCPS has notified KCSE 2019 candidates who are anxiously waiting for their 2020/2021 placement results and admission letters to beware of fake news emanating from online scammers on the issue.

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This warning comes in the wake of some online scammers peddling fake news about the 2020/2021 KUCCPS placement results and admission letters.

“Not everything you read online is true. Beware of fake news,” KUCCPS warned.

KUCCPS Revision of courses

Following the conclusion of the second revision of KUCCPS 2020/2021 Choices, applicants have been urged to be patient as the final steps of the placement process are underway.

Meanwhile, applicants have been encouraged to monitor their portals for updates.


Scammers and fake news

As students who applied for KUCCPS 2020/2021 placements become impatient, some online scammers and cons are likely to take advantage of the situation.

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According to the agency, the placement process is yet to be completed and applicants should not worry since they will be notified via the contacts they provided while applying for the various choices.


KUCCPS Placement results

By this time, KUCCPS would have released the placement results just like last year. However, these are extraordinary times given the spread of the coronavirus pandemic that has paralyzed many sectors, education included.

On 15th April 2019, KUCCPS released placement results in which 89, 486 students were successfully placed on degree programmes in both public and private varsities in Kenya.  TVET institutions on the other hand  absorbed up to 98, 393 students.

How to receive KUCCPS Placement results

Applicants can receive their KUCCPS Placement results either through SMS or by visiting the official KUCCPS Students Portal using the following link.

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