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KCSE, KCPE 2020/ 2021 official road-map


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 KCSE, KCPE 2020/ 2021 official road-map

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Invitation of Knec examiners

KCPE, KCSE 2020 candidature

The more than one million candidates who were registered by the Kenya National Examinations Council, Knec, have got less than two weeks  to sit the national primary and secondary examinations.

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Knec Invites KCSE And KCPE 2020 Examiners For The April 2021 Marking 

Knec invites KCSE and KCPE 2020 Examiners for the April 2021 Marking Exercise; See the revised KNEC payment rates for examiners per script then download your invitation letter

Speaking in Nairobi on March 16, government spokesman Cyrus Oguna  said that the preparations for the two national tests are complete to ensure the examinations run smoothly, even in highly volatile areas  and places adversely affected by flooding.

Oguna said the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (KCSE) already commenced on March 8 with candidates pertaking practicals in elective technical subjects such as Home Science.

Candidates will sit their last paper on April 21.

The Kenya Certificate of Primary Examination (KCPE) is set to begin next week on March 22 and end on 24.

“Practicals already started and on paper exams will start in a few days. The government has put all necessary measures in place including places hit by insecurity and floods,” said Oguna.

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Knec invites KCSE and KCPE 2020 Examiners for the April 2021 Marking Exercise; See the revised KNEC payment rates for examiners per script then download your invitation letter

In Baringo where most schools were submerged by the ballooning Lake Baringo, Oguna said exam registration for affected candidates was done in the neighbouring public schools.

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“There has been a concern in regard to areas hit by insecurity like Kapedo and Merti and facilities submerged, but examinations will be conducted across the country,” he said.

“No student will be denied the chance to do the examination due to insecurity. Examination centres have been set up even in the areas that had issues,” he further noted.


“We are talking about an examination when we’re still in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic we can talk of being ready to conduct an examination when it looked like a lost academic year for the students,” said the spokesperson.

Oguna noted that an examination command centre has been established for quick response to incidents that may arise from schools in far-flung areas.

Out of the total 1,934,706 candidates 752,981 will sit KCSE and 1,181,725 KCPE.

About 28,437 examination centres have been established for KCSE candidates while 10,437 have been set up for Class Eight candidates.

This year’s candidate population is an increase from 699,745 and 1,083,456 learners who sat 2019 KCSE and KCPE, respectively.

This has prompted the kenya National Examinations Council, Knec to increase the number of contracted Professionals who will oversee and maintain a level play-ground for all the candidates.

The council has already posted a list of the 2021 Knec contracted professionals online.

Knec has at the same time announced the official opening date of the knec examiners portal online.

KCPE Insha and composition examiners will access the portal to accept and download their invitation letters as from March 16.

Contracted KCSE 2020 knec examiners will start accessing the portal as from  March 22.

For full details, click on the following link

Latest Knec news 2021

Invitation of Knec examiners


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