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KNEC KCSE 2021 Timetable Pdf Download


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KNEC KCSE 2021 Timetable Pdf Download

KCSE 2021 timetable pdf download

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Following the postponement of the 2020 KCSE and KCPE national exams, the Kenya national examinations Council, KNEC has released Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) 2021 time table and instructions to candidates. According to the timetable, all first session examination papers will commence at exactly 8.00 a.m.

Candidates will take two papers each day. The starting time for the second session examination papers is as indicated on the timetable.

The time allowed for each paper will be indicated against the name of the paper and no extra time will be allowed. In case of any discrepancy, the time stated on the question paper should be taken as the correct one. Time for reading through questions is part of the time shown on the question paper except where special paper instructions indicate otherwise.

Further instructions are that Supervisors and Invigilators will ensure that candidates have written their names, index numbers and have signed on their answer scripts before they collect the answer scripts from each candidate while the candidates are advised to ensure that they only take the subjects they registered for.

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Group IV Project Subject
KNEC also instructs that schools should upload marks for subjects with a Project component by 30th October 2020 for Milestone 1 and 31st January 2021 for Milestone 2 where applicable.

Rehearsal Day KCSE 2021
Rehearsal day has been slated for Thursday 25th March, 2021. During this day, candidates will be taken through guidelines and instructions pertaining examinations. Centre Managers, Supervisors and Invigilators will also ensure that students’ desks have been marked and arranged inline with the guidelines as stipulated by KNEC.

Candidates will commence their first sit-in paper on Friday 26th March, 2021. English Functional skills will be examined during morning session while English Comprehension, Literary Appreciation and Grammar skills will be tackled during mid-morning session.

On the last day (Wednesday 21/04/2021) candidates will tackle Home Science – Clothing 2 hours (1st session) Construction, Art and Design (Practical), Power Mechanics (Practical), Electricity (Practical), Drawing and Design (Practical), Aviation Technology (Practical) andComputer Studies (Practical).


The 2021 KCSE Exam Calendar

Friday, March 26 

English Functional Skills

English (Comprehension, Literary Appreciation and Grammar)

Monday, March 29

Mathematics Paper 1

Chemistry Paper 1

Tuesday, March 30

English (Composition and Essay)

Chemistry Paper 2

Wednesday, March 31

Kiswahili (Insha)

Kiswahili (Lugha)

Thursday, April 1

Chemistry practicals

Tuesday, April 6

Mathematics Paper 2

Biology Paper 1

Wednesday, April 7

Kiswahili Paper 3

Religious exams Paper 1

Thursday, April 8

Biology Paper 2

History and Government Paper 1

Friday, April 9

Biology Practicals

Monday, April 12

Religious exams Paper 2

History and Government Paper 2

Tuesday, April 13

Physics Paper 1

Geography Paper 1

Wednesday, April 14

Business Studies Paper 1

Agriculture Paper 1

Thursday, April 15

Physics Paper 2

Geography Paper 2

Friday, April 16

Physics Practicals

Monday, April 19

Business Studies Paper 2

Agriculture Paper 2

Tuesday, April 20 to Wednesday, April 21

Home Science Paper, Art Design, Woodwork,  Building Construction, Power Mechanics, Electricity, Aviation, Drawing and Design and Computer Studies written exams.


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