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Government Announces Resumption Of Half Term Break And Sports Activities For Term ll 2021 Due Increased Fire Outbreak

School term dates 2021-2022, co-curricular activities calendar 2021/2022 by newspro.co.ke

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Government Announces Resumption Of Half Term Break And Sports Activities For Term ll 2021 Due Increased Fire Outbreak


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The ministry of Education is reconsidering returning half term break in term two of 2021 for both primary and secondary schools .

In a nutshell, more than 10 high schools have been shut down after students going on rampage over various issues yet to be addressed by School administrators including corporal punishment, lack of mid term breaks, condensed term dates, pressure emanating from syllabus coverage.

Top in the list of schools that have been shut due to strikes is Buruburu Girls High School which has caught the attention of the media after tens of students were injured.

Others include Molo Academy Boys High School, Kambala Girls Secondary School both located in Molo; Chavakali Boys High School, Kaveye Girls High School, Moi Girls Nairobi, and Tenwek Boys High School.

The current fire incidences across the country seems to have been instigated by lack of free time for students to spend at their homes.


“On behalf of principals we did a letter last week, asking for a half term break , the secretary and I had earlier separately talked to director Secondary on the same as far half term break is concerned, I have also today talked to PS this morning on the same and he confirmed they have our letter I will find time tomorrow to visit jogoo God willing.


Will let you know of any outcome . ” Kahi Ndimuli.

“Good evening Colleagues. I would like to bring the following to your attention.

There are incidences of fire in many parts of the country.

Kindly, let’s be vigilant and be available in the schools to arrest the situation.
Communicate to the students that there will be a midterm in November.

The actual dates will be given in the CS circular.

He said this when we had a meeting on 27/10/21 at KSG.

We are planning for Resumption on of co- curricular activities amidst the pandemic.So, MoH and MoE are closely working together to chart the way forward on the protocols”Margret Mwirigi,CDE-Nyamira.




Activity Opening Dates Closing Dates Duration


Term 1 begins on 26/7/2021 to 1/10/2021 for 10 weeks

Half term Break starts on 26/8/2021 to 29/8/2021 for 3 days


Holiday breaks lasts between 2/10/2021 and 10/10/2021 for 1 week


Term 2 commences on 11/10/2021 to 23/12/2021 for 11 weeks


Christmas/Holiday break between 24/12/2021 to 2/1/2022 for 10 days


Term 3  starts on 3/1/2022 to 4/3/2022  for 9 weeks


KCPE 2021 exams start on 7/3/2022 to 10/3/2022 4 days



KCSE 2021 examination starts on 11/3/2022 to 1/4/2022 for 3 weeks and 1 day


KCSE MARKING starts on 4/4/2022 to 22/4/2022 for 3 weeks


Please note that the form one reporting date for term one 2021 was revised to 02/08/2021.








Opening Dates Closing Dates Duration


Term 1 commences on 25/04/2022 to 1/7/2022 for 10 weeks


Half term Break lasts three days between 26/05/2022 and 29/5/2022


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Holiday break between 2/7/2022 and 10/7/2022 for 1 week


Term 2 starts on 11/7/2022 to 16/9/2022 for 10 weeks


Half term Break lasts three days between 11/8/2022 and  14/8/2022 (3 Days)


Holiday break between  17/09/2022 and 25/9/2022 for 1 week


Term 3 starts on 26/09/2022 to 25/11/2022 for 9 weeks


KCPE exams to be conducted between 28/11/2022 and 1/12/2022 for 4 Days


KCSE Exams to be conducted between 1/12/2022 to 23/12/2022 for 3 Weeks, 1 Day


KCSE MARKING to be done within 21 days between 2/1/2023 and 20/1/2023 (3 Weeks)


Get all the latest education news here; Education News Portal.




Opening Dates Closing Dates Duration


Term 1  opens on 23/1/2023 to 21/4/2023  13 weeks

Half term Break 23/3/2023 to 26/3/2023 Duration  3 days

Holiday 22/4/2023 to 7/5/2023 for  2 weeks


Term 2 opens on 8/5/2023 to 11/8/2023 for 13 weeks


Halfterm Break 29/6/2023 to 2/7/2023 for 3 days


Holiday 12/8/2023 to 27/8/2023 for 2 weeks


Term 3  opens on 28/8/2023 to 3/11/2023 for 10 weeks


KCPE 2022 examination starts on 6/11/2023 to 9/11/2023 for 4 days


KCSE 2022 examination begins on 10/11/2023 1/12/2023 for 3 weeks and 1 day


KCSE 2022 MARKING starts on 4/12/2023  to 22/12/2023 for 3 weeks


Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association (KSSSA) through its chairman Mr. Peter Orero has announced that sporting activities in secondary schools will commence again after more than a year since they were stopped owing to Covid 19 pandemic.

The decision was arrived at following a stakeholders’ meeting held in Nakuru during the month May. Those who attended included officials from the ministry of education and KSSSA.

KSSSA Chairman, Mr. Peter Orero, indicated that the Ministry of education had called for a stakeholders meeting to chart the way forward. The meeting was informed by the fact that young talents were being ‘wasted’ due to lack of activities in learning institutions.

He said: “The Ministry of Education called a stakeholders meeting to brainstorm on how co-curricular activities can resume in schools and colleges as soon as possible. We were in agreement that we cannot replace the talents currently being wasted by lack of activities in schools and colleges and have agreed in principle that co-curricular activities must begin soonest possible.”

The meeting fruitfully came up with a comprehensive programme for the resumption of co-curricular activities in schools and colleges.

According to the calendar of activities seen by this writer, term one games (which include Athletics, cross country, basketball, hockey and handball) will be held in term one 2021 which kicks off in July.

Similarly, term two games (Soccer, Netball, Volleyball and Racquet games) will be held in second term which kicks off in October.

KSSSA Term One Games Calendar 2021

Sub-county Games By 21st August 2021
County Games By 11th sept 2021
Regional Games By 18th Sept 2021
Nationals Nandi County (Kapsabet Boys and Girls) From 2nd to 10th October 2021
KSSSA Term Two Games Calendar 2021
Sub-county Games By 30th October 2021
County Games By 13th November 2021
Regional Games By 27th November 2021
Nationals Embu county Kangaru Boys and Girls From 11th to 19th December 2021

Federation of East Africa Secondary School Sports Association (FEASSSA) Games Calendar 2021
The regional competition shall be held in December 2021 dates to be communicated by FEASSSA executive council later.



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