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Facts about TSC TPD Refresher Courses for Teachers; Get Answers to All Teacher Professional Development (TPD) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), 


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Facts about TSC TPD Refresher Courses for Teachers; Get Answers to All Teacher Professional Development (TPD) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), 

Having been newly introduced in Kenya, the mandatory TSC Teacher Professional Development courses dubbed TPD can be compared to murky waters that no key stakeholder within the education sector is willing to chat.

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The above sentiment is founded on the fact that the Parliament recently distanced itself from meeting the cost of TPD refresher modules for Kenyan teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission despite terming the program illegal and dismissing attempts from the teachers’ employer to force teachers to pay for TPD. So where does this leave Kenyan teachers?

In this write-up, our team endeavors to explore the legality and frequently asked questions about Teacher Professional Development courses, TPD.

Who will Meet the Cost of Teacher Professional Development (TPD)?

From the look of things, Kenyan teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission either on an internship or permanent and Pensionable terms may be forced to pay for TPD training after Parliament failed to allocate funds for the training for the 2022-2023 cycle.

What is TPD?

TPD is an acronym for Teacher Professional Development a term that alludes to the refresher modules that TSC employed teachers should undertake during school holidays in four selected institutions.

Who is the target group for TSC TPD courses?

TPD training targets all Kenyan teachers especially those wishing to be employed by the Teachers Service Commission TSC.

Who should Study TPD?

All practicing teachers are now expected to enroll in TPD refresher courses which shall run for the entire teaching service if the program kicks off.

How long does TPD training take? 

TPD training is continuous. This means that there is no specific duration for this training. If a newly employed teacher enters the service at 30 years for instance, then he or she is expected to undertake the refresher modules after every five years for a period not exceeding 30 years.

Will newly trained teachers undertake TPD?

Yes. TPD will incorporate all teachers including those who recently graduated from teacher training colleges and universities.

Why TPD?

TPD aims at refreshing and horning Teachers’ professional knowledge, skills, and values to ensure that the modern teacher remains relevant in the face of a technology-laden era where learners are techno-servi and producers as opposed to consumers of content.

What is the rationale for TPD?

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TPD is crucial in equipping teachers with market-driven knowledge, skills, attitudes and values. Besides this, TPD assures teachers of bagging upcoming TSC Promotions given the limited TSC Promotions Vacancies.


 Where can I take my TPD Course from?

There are four selected and vetted TPD training centres/ institutions which encompass Mount Kenya University MKU, KEMI

Is there a substitute program for TPD?

Yes. The 30-year TPD training can be substituted with KEMI courses that encompass Courses offered.

Teacher Professional Development Course
This course targets all registered teachers by the Teachers Service Commission

Diploma in Education Management
This course targets Education offices and TVET Heads, Principals, Headteachers, Deputies, and Heads of Department .

Management of office of Career Services
This course targets Officers of career service, Dean of Students Liaison Officers, Guidance, and Counseling officials.

Vocational Education Management
This course targets Managers, Heads of TVETS and VTSs, Section Heads in TVETs, and National Polytechnics.
ICT Integration in Education Management
This course targets Deputy Heads of Institutions, Accounts Clerks, and Bursars.

Student Leadership Course
This course targets the Student Leadership Council in public and private schools.

School of Excellence Course
This course targets Directors, Managers, Heads of Schools, Deputy Heads of schools in Private Schools.

Education For Sustainable Development (ESD)
This course targets all Heads of Schools.
Education Management Course (EMC)
This course targets Education officers for County and National Government


Has the Government Halted Teachers’ TPD Training?

The government in 2022 temporarily halted TPD training terming it illegal and uncalled for.

Will Teachers Who Paid for TPD Training be Refunded their Money?

Teachers who had already paid for TPD training are yet to be refunded their fee in spite of the quagmire surrounding the TPD program. It is not clear whether they will be given their money or not

Is TSC TPD Legal or Illegal?

Constitutionally, TPD is legal but the cost of training teachers should be met by the employer, the Teachers Service Commission.

What is the fate of TSC Teachers Who had already Paid for TPD Training in December?

The fate of Teachers who had already paid for TPD training has not been sealed. The Teachers Service Commission is yet to give the way forward especially now that Parliament has not allocated funds for TPD training.

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