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Tuition: CS Magoha begs for outlawed holiday tuition. Why now?

Tuition: CS Magoha begs for outlawed holiday tuition. Why now?

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Tuition: CS Magoha begs for outlawed holiday tuition; education news today

Authorities have been forced to beg for tuition services from tutors since this is the only option to engage learners and students for the next six months.

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This comes at a time when holiday tuition is outlawed in Kenya. Section 37 of the Basic Education Act, holiday tuition is prohibited and any teacher caught conducting it will pay a fine not exceeding sh 100, 000 and/or face imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year.

This law was drafted and enacted at a time when authorities wanted to discourage teachers from overburdening learners with lessons over the holiday when they should be resting.

However, now that schools will remain shut for the next six months, even the President has extolled the importance of homeschooling at this time.

Education CS Professor George Magoha has since explained the need to have children taught in small clusters in city estates and villages while observing the social distancing rule.

According to Magoha, the President has suggested that teachers may assemble children around them for classes and other life lessons that are likely to keep them busy at this time.

β€œAs long as you are observing social distancing and other covid-19 measures, there is no reason why you cannot assemble the children for teaching,” said Magoha.

Newspro media team has established that many parents are getting overwhelmed by extended closure of schools and are thus seeking alternative ways of keeping their children engaged.

Teachers, especially those employed by school management boards and those in private schools are also eager to make an extra coin from the tuition programmes.

Some are conducting tuition in clusters while others are invited to teach the learners at home.

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Teachers and parents feel that the long break is not like any other ordinary school holiday. They, therefore, asked the CS to lift the ban on conducting holiday tuition to allow teachers to engage learners.

Some school heads confessed that they are aware of some local arrangements between parents and teachers to conduct holiday tuition in various residences.


The CS however challenged tutors to go beyond classroom activities and engage the learners in life skills.

He gave an example of our President who is teaching children to dig and create small farms.

β€œThe president said he teaches children around him how to dig and create small farms. If the president can do so, who are you not to do it?” posed the CS.

The CS further urged parents to keep their children busy and protect them from numerous social ills.

β€œIn addition to book learning, you should take your children through the school of life. There is so much that you can do now that your children are at home,” added the CS.

Magoha’s about-turn regarding holiday tuition is not far-fetched given the prevailing circumstances. Last month, reports emerged that over 4, 000 school girls had been impregnated within three months in Machakos County. The male child has also not been left behind given the increased levels of crime committed by school-going boys.


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